Back from The 2018 Emerald Conference


CloudLIMS is back from the 2018 Emerald Conference. The 4th Annual Emerald Conference, held at Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina, San Diego, USA, saw a huge gathering of more than 600 delegates from across the globe. The delegates comprise cannabis industry professionals including cultivators, clinicians, cannabis testing laboratory owners, extractor and production professionals, dispensary operators, analytical chemists, and policy makers. Ken Snoke, President – Emerald Scientific, welcomed all delegates with a great opening keynote. We also got the opportunity to hear interesting talks from some eminent speakers belonging to the cannabis industry. Our CEO, Mr. Arun Apte, presented two posters at the conference. The first poster, entitled “Cloud-based LIMS: A Quintessential Data Management and Workflow Automation Solution for Cannabis Testing Laboratories”, highlights how a cloud-based LIMS can play a vital role in managing laboratory data and automating testing workflows, proving to be an indispensable tool for cannabis testing laboratories. The second poster, entitled “Cloud-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS): A data management solution for regulatory compliance and cost-effective operations in cannabis testing laboratories”, illustrates the role of a cloud-based LIMS in meeting regulatory compliance and maximizing investment returns, mitigating the day-to-day operational challenges of cannabis testing laboratories. Please visit our Posters section to download a copy.

The Emerald Conference brings forth the latest innovations and developments in cannabis science and technology. The 2-day conference saw a number of exhibitors, poster presentations, and talks. We received an overwhelming response and got to meet with owners and directors of leading cannabis testing laboratories. We are proud to assist such laboratories in their endeavor to provide quality cannabis testing services at affordable prices to their customers.

We look forward to meeting you at the 2019 Emerald Conference!

Also, read our article in Cannabis Industry Journal: “Managing Cannabis Testing Lab Workflows using LIMS” written in collaboration with Dr. Susan Adino.