An Advanced Sample Management Software

CloudLIMS is an advanced web based sample management software, offered as SaaS. It is essential for any laboratory wanting to automate their informatics systems in a secure and reliable environment.

CloudLIMS simplifies your laboratory operations by managing, tracking and efficiently organizing samples and freezer locations at a very affordable price. Backed by an intuitive user interface, CloudLIMS is both powerful and flexible to accommodate the needs of your lab.


Standard Edition

The standard edition is meant for small laboratories graduating from a manual to an automated system. This edition is cost effective and helps them come upto speed, quickly, without the need to deploy a LIMS. It includes Users, Subjects, Samples, Storage and Reports & Advanced Search modules.

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Enterprise Edition

The enterprise edition is designed specifically for laboratories that have complex business processes, multiple users and require advanced security features. The enterprise edition includes Test and Package & Shipment modules in addition to all the modules of the standard edition.

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Key Features

  • Test Management
  • Audit Trail
  • Chain of Custody
  • Sample Genealogy
  • Barcode Scanning & Assignment


  • PC/Mac
  • Web Based, Browser Independent
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Complimentary Services with CloudLIMS Sample Management Software

No IT Infrastructure

Product maintenance, backups and hosting included in the product price. All you need is an internet enabled device.

Complimentary Support

Receive training, a configured product and experience exceptional support at no additional charge.

Free Data Migration

Automate today! All your existing data is loaded to the product at no extra fee so that you can quickly come up to speed.

Upgrade Assurance

Get regular updates with new functionality, features and UI enhancements at no extra cost.

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