Missed Our Talk at IBS 2022 Virtual Symposium?


CloudLIMS delivered a talk at the IBS 2022 Virtual Symposium held on February 22, 2022. Attendees from across the globe, including, Europe, Australia, India, Singapore, Africa, Canada, and the USA participated in the virtual symposium. The symposium included interactive educational sessions, round table discussions, and networking opportunities. There were several interesting talks on innovation in biobanking, the biospecimen needs of biotechnology companies, data governance in biobanking, sensitivity and specificity analysis in biobanking, and many more.

Our COO, Shonali Paul, delivered a talk titled “Regulatory Challenges in Biobanking: Informatics Makes it Easy” at the event. The talk was well-received by the audience. The talk delineated the regulatory framework for biobanks across the globe, including biobanking governance in India. If you missed the chance to hear the talk, you can download a reprint of the presentation from our website.

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