CloudLIMS @2017 Cannabis Science Conference, Portland, USA


CloudLIMS is back from 2017 Cannabis Science Conference, held in Portland. It was an incredible experience to see a gathering of over 1500 delegates comprising analytical scientists, medical professionals, cannabis industry experts and policy makers at this annual event. There were a number of interesting poster presentations and talks by eminent speakers from the cannabis industry. We presented a poster entitled “Improving Efficiency of Cannabis Testing Laboratories using Affordable Cloud-based Lab Information Management System (LIMS)” in collaboration with Mr. Stephen Goldman, Laboratory Director at PhytaTechSM CO LLC, Denver, Colorado, United States. Through our poster, we showcased how a cloud-based LIMS can automate cannabis testing laboratory workflows, manage cannabis samples, tests and test results, and meet regulatory requirements seamlessly, thus improvising efficiency of cannabis testing laboratories.

Cannabis Science Conference is the largest cannabis science expo in the world. The event focuses on improving cannabis science and research through education and training of practitioners, laboratory and industrial scientists, in addition to health care professionals involved in cannabis research and patient care. During the three day annual meet, we got the opportunity to interact with cannabis testing laboratory managers and directors from across the globe. It was a great learning experience for us.

Please visit our Posters and Presentation section to download a copy of our poster.

We look forward to meeting you at 2018 Cannabis Science Conference!

Also read the white paper: LIMS for Testing Laboratories – An Overview of Features and Compliance for Testing Laboratories