CloudLIMS Version 1.59 Released!


We are pleased to announce the release of CloudLIMS version 1.59. We consistently invest in developing the capabilities of our product and in enhancing our ability to serve customers. The new version of our cloud based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) offers enhanced and expanded functionality. These features will benefit the biobanks, clinical research and diagnostic laboratories to further streamline their workflows and improve working efficiency.

The new version includes the following:

  • CoC in Test Module: While you transfer a test to another user, you now have the option to receive/send notifications, include a digital signature for authentication, and assign rights to users for the transferred tests. This functionality helps manage the Chain of Custody (CoC) for qualitative and quantitative tests.
  • Virtual Storage Creation: To create storage units of a defined capacity or shape, you can now disable certain wells while assigning storage locations to samples. This functionality is also useful for reserving space for incoming samples.
  • Archival of Samples based on Status: You can now archive and store less frequently used sample data separately, based on their status (such as shipped etc.).
  • Multi-select/ List Attribute Creation: To have more than one value for an attribute, you can now configure a list from which multiple values can be selected while entering data in a form.
  • CTRL+SHIFT Selection: You can now simply use standard keyboard strokes such as CTRL+SHIFT keys for selecting multiple records, just as you do in a spreadsheet.
  • GUI enhancement for a more intuitive interface and other minor improvements.

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