CloudLIMS Version 1.63 Released!


We just released CloudLIMS version 1.63. The highlights of this release include multi-analyte testing and report generation, inventory stock depletion alerts, calculation of sum total of the stock quantity, and configuration of search criteria. This version empowers biobanks, testing and diagnostic laboratories to streamline sample testing workflows and reduce the turnaround times.

The new version includes the following:

  • Multi-analyte Testing: This functionality now facilitates the analysis of clinical, environmental and cannabis samples, where a number of analytes are tested using the same sample in the same test run. With CloudLIMS, you can now configure multiple analytes for a test and create flagging sets for each. The specially designed results entry dialogue enables result entry for the analytes tested in a sample. You can also publish professional test reports with the test results for your clients.
  • Enhanced Stock Depletion Alerts: Set stock depletion alarms for your vital laboratory supplies, reagents and consumables. Receive timely alerts within the application or as email notifications and schedule re-orders to replenish depleted stock.
  • Stock Quantity Calculation: You can now easily calculate stock level of the required samples to keep track of the quantity.
  • Improved Search Functionality: You can now configure a set of attributes you would like to use to look up records in CloudLIMS using the context search. These attributes can be set as default, so you can quickly select the search criteria.
  • GUI and performance improvements.

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