CloudLIMS Version 1.64 Released!


CloudLIMS is an intuitive SaaS LIMS developed in the cloud platform to accelerate research and diagnosis by ensuring the alignment between laboratory processes and its data management. With the release of version 1.64, CloudLIMS further extends its capabilities for streamlining client and test data management. This release features a number of additional improvements that include:

  • Client Management: This new module in CloudLIMS helps clinicalenvironmental and cannabis testing labs manage client information comprehensively. You can easily configure details of clients and associate them with the existing patient and sample entries to record client transactions and offer a personalized service.
  • Reflex Test: If you have a clinical, environmental or cannabis sample that is tested for one analyte, and would like to order another test based on the test result obtained, you can now do so using the Test module. You can easily order another test for a sample, based on the outcome of a previous test, for further profiling, confirmation or analysis using the Reflex Test functionality.
  • Test Chronology: You can track the order in which various tests are performed on a sample in your lab.
  • Sample Batch IDs: This functionality allows you to create a batch of samples, which could have been obtained at different time points from patients, or from analytical testing processes, quality control workflows or production lines in a manufacturing unit. You can assign a batch ID to every batch to quickly identify the samples on the basis of an attribute such as surgery date, collection date, manufacturing date etc.
  • Flexible Sample Addition: Customize your sample addition process by setting a default for the number of samples you would like to add at a time in CloudLIMS.
  • Enhanced Authentication for Dispose Action: Configure digital signature with reasons to authenticate the dispose action in Storage module.
  • Extended Search Functionality: You can now run an Advanced search using multiple search values for attributes.
  • E-mail notification improvements.

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