CloudLIMS Version 1.65 Released!


CloudLIMS, an advanced cloud-based LIMS accelerates biomedical research and diagnosis by streamlining laboratory data management in biobanks, clinical, research and testing laboratories around the globe. The release of CloudLIMS version 1.65, features the new dashboard feature for workflow performance monitoring along with other enhancements.

  • Intuitive Dashboard: For a quick overview of laboratory operations and dynamic data visualization in real-time, the new dashboard facilitates managers with the ability to get a quick snapshot of various activities carried out in the laboratory. It not only helps identify bottlenecks to the scheduled jobs in the workflows but also helps find ways to improve quality and resource planning, thereby helping maintain real-time metrics on turnaround time.
  • Enhanced Side Menu Navigation: You can now utilize more workspace in CloudLIMS with the availability of modules and tabs in a collapsible side menu.
  • New Unit Configuration: You now have the option to add new units of measurement, over what’s already available, for numeric data fields in CloudLIMS.
  • Set Default Unit: You can set a unit of your choice as the default for numeric data fields, resulting in faster and convenient data entry.
  • Extended Attribute Copying Capability From Parent to Aliquot: The list of attributes to be copied from a parent sample to its aliquot now includes the Study ID as well, helping you avoid associating study ID with aliquots manually each time you create them.
  • Other GUI improvements

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