CloudLIMS Version 1.66 Released!


CloudLIMS, a pay-as-you-go LIMS delivered as SaaS, mirrors clinical research, biobanking, and testing workflows by streamlining laboratory data management. The release of CloudLIMS version 1.66 includes user-friendly, intuitive and market-specific features such as stronger API support, and automated test results calculation to meet testing industry requirements with improved operational flexibility.

  • Write API Release: The CloudLIMS API (via REST services) now supports write actions including data insertion into Samples, Subjects, Clients and Lab Inventory modules.
  • Extended Read API Access: You can now create templates from a list of selected attributes for data retrieval from Samples, Subjects, Clients, Lab Inventory, and Studies modules.
  • Configure Calculations for Fields: You can now configure a new attribute by defining a formula expression using other numeric attributes in the system for accurate test results calculations.
  • Expanded View Preferences for External IDs: The Storage ID [External] and Study ID [External] are now displayed in the Samples module to show the association of samples with the storage containers and study IDs that you use in your records. This enables users to view the external IDs without having to switch to other modules.
  • Extended Search Functionality: You can run a context search and a barcode search to pick specific samples to check-in or check-out from the freezer inventory, laboratory or biobank.
  • Minor GUI improvements

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