CloudLIMS Version 1.67 Released!


CloudLIMS, an advanced SaaS LIMS, empowers clinical research, biobanking, and testing laboratories by efficiently managing laboratory data. To further enhance the operational flexibility of these laboratories, the new version CloudLIMS 1.67 is out with intuitive features such as associating lab inventory with tests and their automatic quantity deduction from the Test module, sorting records, editing of incoming packages, uploading user-defined images for sub-types and improved external notifications.

  • Extended Lab Inventory Management: You can now associate your lab inventory, such as chemicals, reagents and glassware to the enlisted tests so that the consumption of reagents or labware is automatically deducted with their usage in tests. The deduction raises a flag whenever lab reagents and supplies below the specified threshold in order for your lab to place orders in time, before they are exhausted.
  • Improved Sorting Functionality: You can now sort records across the modules in CloudLIMS such as Samples, Subjects, Studies, Lab Inventory etc from the latest to the oldest and vice-versa, enabling you to navigate through massive volumes of data with a click of a button.
  • Editing Incoming Packages: You can now attach the documents or receipts with an incoming package even when all samples of the package are stored so that your sample documentation is complete.
  • Upload Images for Sub-Types: CloudLIMS is now equipped with the option to upload images of your choice for each sub-type in the Samples and Lab Inventory modules. This option helps you control the product interface to use images with which you are familiar.
  • Other GUI improvements.

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