CloudLIMS Version 1.68 Released!


CloudLIMS, an advanced SaaS LIMS, accelerates biobanking, clinical research, and diagnostic operations by efficiently managing laboratory data on a centralized cloud platform. CloudLIMS version 1.68 release is packed with a set of new features and functionality, targeted at the testing industry, such as configuration of analyte groups, import of test results, creation of client portal login, configuration of lab services, catalogs, placing client orders, billing and invoicing etc. The new features promise expedited turnaround times enabling testing laboratories deliver high-quality services to their clients.

  • Configuration of Lab Services for Clients: This version of CloudLIMS enables you to configure your laboratory services such as sample purchase requests, sample storage requests, sample test requests etc. under the new Lab Services & Billing module. Using this new module, you can add client orders/requests and process them in real-time to deliver high-quality service to your clients.
  • Catalog Configuration for Lab Services: You can now configure various lab service packages and create your choice of catalogs with a defined pricing for each lab service offered by your laboratory. You can simply select a pre-configured catalog while adding a client order under Lab Services & Billing module. Once the request is processed, you can also generate a billing invoice for your clients.
  • Streamlined Configurability of Analyte Groups & Flagging Sets: You can now configure individual analyte groups and add analytes under each group to define the tests in your laboratory. You can also configure multiple flagging sets applicable to all analyte groups under each test.
  • Expedited Multi-Analyte Test Results Entry: You can now import test results for samples with multi-analytes in .csv and .xls file formats and expedite the testing and reporting in your laboratory. Lower your sample testing turnaround times and improve your lab’s operational efficiency, offering value services to your clients.

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