CloudLIMS is Back from the Biobanking International Symposium 2020


CloudLIMS is back from the Biobanking International Symposium 2020 held at the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS), New Delhi, India. The symposium was organized by National Liver Disease Biobank (NLDB), ILBS. Attendees from across the world participated in the event. Our COO, Shonali Paul, participated in the event. We got the opportunity to interact with the professionals from renowned biobanks and to discuss the challenges faced by them on a day-to-day basis. Some of the challenges faced by biobanks – managing samples and metadata, locating stored samples, automating and streamlining workflows can be overcome using an informatics tool, which was explained by CloudLIMS customers through their presentations.

The two-day event featured a symposium and a half-day workshop followed by an open forum by ISBER titled: Strengthening the future of biobanking in India by engaging the world through ISBER: A Discussion. The symposium provided a platform for the leading scientists, clinicians, researchers, biobanking experts, and students from India to discuss the basics of biobanking, set up, progress, opportunities and quality in the biobanking sector. The event started with a brief “Getting to Know ISBER” and the membership opportunities and benefits for biobankers in India. With a workshop model, the biobankers were asked to delve on the 5-M model for their biobanking sustainability – Motivation, Mandate, Method, Money and Measure. The session was conducted by Dr. Daniel Catchpoole, President-elect, ISBER, Shonali Paul, Chair, Member Relations Advisory Committee, ISBER and COO, CloudLIMS; and Dr. Birendra Yadav, Biobank Manager, National Liver Disease Biobank, ILBS, and ISBER Regional Ambassador for the Indo Pacific Rim.

If you missed the chance to meet us at the symposium, you can schedule an online meeting with our experts to discuss the data management and regulatory challenges of your biobank.

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