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Technical Support

CloudLIMS provides unlimited technical support via email, live chat, and phone to promptly address your lab-critical needs. Prompt technical support helps you get speedy answers to your questions and immediate resolution of the reported issues during our business hours. We offer over 20 hours of live technical support, Monday through Friday spanning 24 standard time zones to service our global customer base. The turnaround time for issue resolution is typically one to two business days. However, for complex issues, we may have to come back with a time estimate.

Product TrainingProduct Training

We offer comprehensive online training to facilitate the quick onboarding of our customers. The training is intended to maximize administrator and end-user capabilities by providing in-depth knowledge to lab users, enabling them to leverage the full capabilities of the product, tailor it when required, and accomplish their day-to-day responsibilities with ease.

What is Included?

We are committed to providing professional, unparalleled training to help you get the most value from CloudLIMS. There is no limit to the number of participants in each training session. The training is provided by our highly skilled product team. The complimentary training includes:

    • Training resources that include recorded training videos, product tutorials, and a comprehensive user manual. The user manual is accessible to customers from the application. You can access the training resources, 24×7, at your convenience and can share them with new members joining your team. Our training resources are highly effective for giving you a head start and for assisting you with your day-to-day responsibilities. Furthermore, our training resources enable you to self-train at your own pace and convenience.
    • Fully interactive training to help your team go live during the onboarding process.
    • Transparency and efficiency in managing chain of custody for samples and testing workflow
    • Free automatic recording of all interactive training to share with your team.

After certain hours of complimentary training, charges are applicable for additional training. The charges applicable are in the table below.

Configure InstrumentInstrument Integration

CloudLIMS can be seamlessly integrated with simple to highly complex instruments using CSV/XLS files. The CSV/XLS file mapping enables data to be imported from multiple instruments into a LIMS. CloudLIMS periodically reads instrument-generated CSV/XLS files and maps the headers present in the files with the correct fields/attributes in CloudLIMS, thereby transferring the analytical data to CloudLIMS seamlessly.

What is Included?

We offer complimentary integration services for any lab instruments that generate test result files in CSV and XLS file formats, in addition to any of the following 3 formats.

File Formate 1
File Formate 2
File Formate 3


Please send us your instrument files so that we can let you know if the service is complimentary for you.

What is Chargeable?

  • Apart from the supported file formats mentioned above, integration with instruments that generate test result files in any other formats and file types from those displayed above, for example, XML, JSON, or PDF, is chargeable.
  • The integration charges per instrument are in the table below.

Reporting TempateReport Templates

We can configure Certificates of Analysis (CoA) or report templates at no additional charge. Our team can also deploy multiple templates in custom layouts per your preference, enabling you to meet diverse reporting requirements per your client and statutory needs.

What is Included?

  • Any 1 report template of your choice. Please provide us with an example test report or CoA that depicts the exact position of the elements (for example, images, logos, signatures, barcodes, result tables, and charts) you would like to see on the report. It would help us configure and deploy the report template in your preferred layout, saving time.
  • After we deliver 1 report template to you, charges are applicable for any iterations or revisions requested for the template and for configuring a new template. The charges applicable are mentioned in the table below.

Examples of Certificates of Analysis (CoA) or Report Templates


Zero Upfront Cost

Data MigrationLegacy Data Migration

We help you migrate complex legacy data from your existing data management system to CloudLIMS without compromising data quality, saving time, resources, and efforts. This enables you to get started quickly, without losing data, and achieve operational efficiency from the very first day with CloudLIMS. For seamless data migration, you are requested to provide us with your legacy data in the template format that we provide. Efforts of up to 3 man-days are complimentary with your 5-user and 10-user plans. Efforts of up to 6 man-days are complimentary with 25, 50 and 100-user plans. Our licensing policy defines “users” as named user licenses and not concurrent user licenses. The charges applicable thereafter are in the table below.

upgradeProduct Upgrades

CloudLIMS guarantees that you always have the most current version of the product. Whenever new features are released, all the customers’ versions are automatically upgraded to the latest version at no additional charge. Unlike traditional LIMS software, there is no need to download or install the updates or patches.

Data BackupAutomatic Backups

We and our cloud service provider take regular backup of your data automatically on multiple servers located at disparate geographical locations. In the face of an infrastructure breakdown or natural calamity, data loss can be minimized by restoring the data seamlessly.

Patient Portal

We install the Patient Portal for you free of charge. Upon installation, your patients can access the portal to order tests, review their test status, and receive test reports. However, the usage of the portal is based on your subscription plan as follows:

CL PlansPatient Portal Logins/Month
5 users250
10 users750
25 users2000
50 users4000
100 users10000

Our licensing policy defines “users” as named user licenses and not concurrent user licenses.

Client Portal

We install the Client Portal for you free of charge. Upon installation, your clients can access the portal to order tests, review their test status, and receive test reports. However, the usage of the portal is based on your subscription plan as follows:

CL PlansClient Portal Logins/Month
5 users100
10 users250
25 users750
50 users1500
100 users4000

Our licensing policy defines “users” as named user licenses and not concurrent user licenses.


Using CloudLIMS, you can securely store data in the cloud, granting you access from anywhere using an internet-enabled device. However, the capacity for data storage is contingent upon your subscription plan, outlined as follows.

CL PlansStorage Limit (in GB)
5 users5
10 users5
25 users10
50 users10
100 users15

After reaching the storage limit, charges are applicable for additional storage. The charges applicable are in the table below.


We have implemented a daily limit on API calls to ensure optimal performance of CloudLIMS at all times. The number of API calls per day is contingent upon your subscription plan, outlined as follows.

CL PlansAPI Calls/Day
5 users300
10 users600
25 users1200
50 users2400
100 users6000

After reaching the API limit, charges are applicable for additional API calls. The charges applicable are in the table below.


FeatureNew Feature Implementation

We are happy to work with you to deliver the exact custom features you need to better support your lab workflows. A new custom feature development involves requirement gathering, code construction, testing and deployment.

The development of a new custom feature will be scheduled as per our development roadmap and is chargeable. The cost and delivery time are estimated after a thorough analysis of the user requirements by our product and the engineering team. The custom feature request may include anything needed to support data management, automation, and regulatory requirements of your lab. Once the new feature is delivered and approved by you, implementation of subsequent changes or any revisions will incur additional charges depending on the effort required to accommodate the changes.

SoftwareSoftware Integrations

We can integrate with almost any software, website, reporting tools, and external forms using our REST API to ensure you have the right LIMS solution that eliminates data silos and meets your lab needs. CloudLIMS supports integration with ERP, third-party billing software, EMR, EHR, HIS, LIS, Jotforms, REDCap, temperature monitoring systems, specimen catalogs, online research questionnaires, and surveys.

There are no charges if you would like to do the integration using our REST API. However, charges are applicable if you want us to do the integration to save your time and effort. The cost and delivery time of the integrated solution is estimated based on the number of man-days needed to support the integration after analysis of the user requirements. For seamless software integration, please provide us with the expected workflow and exact integration requirements. This would enable us to deliver the integrated solution to you on time.


Charges Applicable for Additional Services

Product Training$200 per hour after 7 hours of complimentary training
Instrument Integration$2500 per instrument
New Report Templates$1500 for new templates
$300 per man-day for each iteration or revision of an existing template
Software Integration (Basic)$5,000
Software Integration (Premium)$10,000
Software Integration (Custom)$250 per man-day
Hosting a Sandbox LinkNo charges for the 1st month
$300 per month thereafter
Adding an additional 250-patient loginPlease inquire
Adding an additional 100-client loginPlease inquire
Adding 5 GB storage$900 per year
Adding an additional 500 API callsPlease inquire
Premium Server$5,000 per year
Billed Services such as Legacy Data Migration, Custom
Feature Development, Data Export and processing, Fixing Customer
Caused Issues
$300 per man-day
Subscription Pause$250 per month

Terms And ConditionTerms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of our services are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to amend or discontinue any of our services without notice and at any time at our sole and absolute discretion. We shall not be liable to you or to any third-party for any modification, suspension, or discontinuation of any of our services.