CloudLIMS Releases Version 3.90 of its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

CloudLIMS Version 3.90 Released - Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

CloudLIMS, an advanced SaaS, in-the-cloud Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software with zero upfront cost, accelerates biobanking, clinical research and diagnostics, cannabis, environmental, and water testing laboratory operations by efficiently managing laboratory data, automating workflows, and following regulatory compliance, such as CLIA, ISO 15189:2022, CAP, ISO 20387:2018, EU GDPR, HIPAA, GLP, ISO/IEC 17025:2017, 21 CFR part 11, among others. The latest version of CloudLIMS, version 3.90, is equipped with new features and enhancements to enable laboratories to better meet their data management, automation, and regulatory requirements. The highlights of this version include the ability to flag tests with out-of-spec turnaround time, comprehensively track samples with time stamps, accurately calculate test results by factoring in sample attributes, and easily replicate analyte attributes to multiple analytes in the Test module.

  1. Calculation of Test Results Enhanced: The latest version enables you to precisely calculate test results by factoring in sample attributes. When you register a sample, you input the necessary values for sample weight, sample dry weight, sample volume, and other important details. CloudLIMS populates the required sample attributes in the Test module, enabling you to effortlessly utilize them for final result calculation. No more redundant data entry, as the values you’ve already provided during sample registration seamlessly appear where you need them with the cross-module talk. This means a smoother, error-free process, making it a breeze for you to calculate the final results with accuracy. This functionality saves time and minimizes the risk of manual errors, ensuring that your test results are accurate.
  2. Comprehensively Track Samples with Timestamps: Keeping a tab on your sample edits just got a lot simpler. With this feature, you can effortlessly track when sample data was last updated. Now, whenever you modify sample information – whether it’s adjusting the weight, changing the volume, or anything else – the new system-defined attributes ‘Update Date’ & ‘Update Time’ automatically capture the exact date and time when you make those changes. So, now, if you want to query samples for the test results that just came in, you don’t need to fetch the entire dataset of samples. You can simply fetch the samples whose information was last updated, saving time.
  3. Flag Tests with Out-of-Spec TAT: CloudLIMS can now auto-calculate turnaround time for a test record using not only the attributes from the Test module but also the date attributes from the Samples module. This enhancement enables the utilization of sample date attributes to compute the turnaround time for a test. What’s more, you have the flexibility to select a preferred color to flag tests with turnaround times that fall outside the pre-defined limits. If the calculated turnaround time exceeds the threshold limit for a test, that specific test will stand out in your chosen color, making it easier for you to quickly spot it among the others.
  4. Copy Analyte Attribute Values of Tests with Ease: Now, you can effortlessly copy analyte attribute values from one analyte to one or more analytes, making your workflow smoother and more efficient. No more navigating through each analyte individually. All you need to do is select an analyte, choose the attribute(s) you’d like to replicate, and select analyte records to which you’d like to copy the values. The selected analyte attributes get copied to all analyte records in one go! This functionality saves time and reduces the chances of typographical errors.

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