Navigating the Process of Building and Maintaining an AI-powered ISO 17025-Compliant Lab with Cannabis Laboratory Software @CSC Spring 2024

Build and Maintain an AI-powered ISO 17025-Compliant Lab with Cannabis Laboratory Software

CloudLIMS is delighted to participate in the Cannabis Science Conference Spring 2024, to be held from May 7-9, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. 

Montserrat Valdes, Sr, Scientist at is delivering a talk titled “Nailing Compliance: Building and Maintaining an AI-powered ISO 17025-Compliant Cannabis Testing Lab” at the event. The talk is scheduled for May 8, 2024, from 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM CT. The 20-minute talk will be followed by a 10-minute Q&A session. 

The global trend toward cannabis legalization has sparked remarkable growth within the cannabis industry, propelling rapid expansion in the cannabis testing sector. Across various jurisdictions, regulatory standards for testing may vary, yet the universal imperative for ensuring safety and quality remains constant. The ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard stands as a globally acknowledged benchmark, delineating the criteria for testing and calibration laboratories to showcase proficiency, impartiality, and consistency in their operations. Achieving and maintaining ISO 17025 compliance helps labs strengthen their credibility within the industry and facilitates cross-border trade. Many states in the U.S. mandate that cannabis testing facilities must hold ISO 17025 accreditation to operate lawfully. Among the states that enforce this requirement are California, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, and Ohio.

With advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), labs can not only transform operations to enhance efficiency and data-driven decision-making but also seamlessly and effectively fulfill ISO/IEC 17025:2017 requirements. Montserrat’s talk provides practical guidance on achieving and maintaining an AI-powered ISO 17025-compliant cannabis testing lab that proactively identifies issues and swiftly implements corrective actions, thus enhancing overall performance and building trust with stakeholders and consumers.

What you will learn from the talk:

  • The significance of ISO 17025 accreditation for cannabis testing laboratories.
  • The role of cannabis laboratory software as a framework to address operational challenges and ensure ISO 17025 compliance.
  • How to leverage AI-driven cannabis laboratory software to enhance efficiency, anticipate problems, and implement corrective measures, thus making labs future-ready.

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About the Event

The Cannabis Science Conference Spring (CSC Spring) is the industry’s premier science event focusing on analytical science, medical cannabis, cultivation, and psychedelics. With a unique platform for world-class education and stellar networking opportunities, the conference facilitates connections with thought leaders, pioneers, and leading scientists at the forefront of cannabis science and its applications. Boasting an impressive lineup of about 80 speakers, spanning various tracks including analytical, cultivation, compliance, and medical, attendees of CSC Spring 2024 can anticipate a wealth of knowledge and insights that will shape the future of the cannabis landscape.

We look forward to seeing you in Kansas City!

Not attending the event? You can still register on our website and forgo registration on the event website to receive a copy of the presentation after the event concludes.

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