CloudLIMS Version 1.70 Released!


CloudLIMS, an advanced SaaS LIMS, accelerates biobanking, clinical research, and diagnostic operations by efficiently managing laboratory data on a centralized cloud platform. CloudLIMS version 1.70 release is equipped with new features and enhancements to prep clinical and testing laboratories to meet advanced laboratory data management requirements. The major highlights of this version are the ability to pool samples to create derivatives or aliquots and the option to include images while generating a report.

  • Pool Samples to Create Derivative(s) or Aliquot(s): With CloudLIMS, you can now pool samples belonging to the same type, obtained from different runs, and same patient or sample source in order to create one or more derivatives or aliquots. Pooling helps clinical and testing laboratories reduce experimental costs by eliminating the need for sample preparation, processing, and testing for samples belonging to the same type and patient, besides reducing analytical run times. While pooling samples, you can choose to consume the entire amount of each parent sample or define the total quantity to be consumed from each sample.
  • Configure Advanced Calculations For Attributes: Two new operators, square root function and percentage, can now be used for defining a formula expression for a new attribute, enabling accurate calculation of complex test results.
  • Restore Disposed Samples: You can restore samples which are accidentally disposed of in the system, enabling you to correct manual errors. Additionally, you can also configure digital signature for sample restore activity and assign sample restoring rights to different users based on their roles.
  • Configure Default Values for Test Result Attributes: This version of CloudLIMS enables you to configure default values for test result attributes, saving time and reducing the chances of manual errors.
  • Include Images in Your Report: You can include images, such as graphs and charts, and define where they should appear in the report. You can add a caption and define the image size to use, enabling you to further customize your report, rendering a professional looking report with facts and backed by figures to support them.
  • Improved Batch Editing Functionality: The sample batch editing function is now extended to include sample storage location, wherein, you can update storage locations of multiple sample records at once.
  • GUI improvements for a more user-friendly environment.

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