CloudLIMS Version 1.71 Released!


CloudLIMS, an advanced SaaS LIMS, accelerates biobanking, clinical research, and testing laboratory operations by efficiently managing laboratory data on a centralized cloud platform. The new features and enhancements, included in CloudLIMS version 1.71, help clinical and testing laboratories reduce turnaround times, improve client services, and further advance laboratory data management. The major highlights of this version are the automatic association of samples with a test while importing test results, the batch update of sample records, and comprehensive test report generation.

  • Quick Test Creation and Results Entry: You can associate samples with a test while importing test results from a file. The results are auto-calculated based on the configured formula expression.
  • Batch Update of Samples: Update thousands of sample records quickly using the Batch Update action. You can also create predefined templates to import data by mapping the spreadsheet headers to CloudLIMS attributes/records. This functionality is specifically useful if you are receiving data from an instrument or any other facility in a predefined format.
  • Automatic Client Account Creation: You no longer need to create login credentials for your clients to login to the client portal. CloudLIMS notifies your clients, and provides them a username and a password, as soon as they are registered in the Client Management module. After the first login, your clients can change the password from the profile settings. Their account is now ready to start placing service requests and downloading reports. The master admin can control user access using the Active/Inactive options.
  • Improved Test Report Template: Get rid of data tables and generate professionally formatted reports using the newly improved test report templates. You can arrange Client and Subject data inline for a more organized look, include your Company Logo, Signatures, Notes Section, and graphs & charts with a caption to make the report more informative and comprehensive.

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