CloudLIMS Version 1.76 Released!


CloudLIMS, an advanced configurable cloud-based SaaS LIMS, accelerates biobanking, clinical research, cannabis and testing laboratory operations by efficiently managing laboratory data and automating laboratory workflows on a cloud platform. The latest version of CloudLIMS, version 1.76, is equipped with new features to better meet the requirements of clinical and cannabis testing laboratories. The highlights of this version are the ability to monitor turnaround times and the feature to include colored bar graphs in the test report.

  • Track Turnaround Time: Longer holding times can have an adverse impact on the quality of the time-sensitive samples, compromising the accuracy of test results. You can now monitor the test turnaround time (TAT) and determine if it is under the threshold. Based on the sample test start date and the test completion date, the turnaround status is updated. This statistic helps laboratory managers to take appropriate corrective measures if the TAT exceeds the threshold testing time, thereby assuring the quality of the test result.
  • Configure Color of Analyte Flags: You can now configure a color for each analyte flag, Optimal, High, Low, Critical High, Critical Low, enabling you to quickly identify the test analyte runs having abnormal or optimal observed values.
  • Include Analyte Flagging Graph in Your Report: You can generate a bar graph based on the analytes and their reference ranges. You can select either three (minimum, maximum, and optimal) or five (minimum, maximum, optimal, critical low and critical high) flagging range option. Based on the final result values of each analyte, a bar graph is generated. The graph has analytes on its x-axis and the flags on its y-axis. The graph proves to be an effective tool to monitor analytes within range and those deviating from the optimal values.
  • Flag Observed Values Based on a User-Defined Attribute: You can now configure the program to raise a flag based on the test results available in the user-defined test result column, providing an alternative to setting pre-configured flags. The user-defined attribute can either have a numeric value or a formula expression.
  • Include Newly Added Analytes to Existing Test Records: You can now choose to include new analytes in the existing test records or exclude them, based on your requirements.

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