CloudLIMS Version 1.77 Released!


CloudLIMS, an advanced configurable cloud-based SaaS LIMS, accelerates biobanking, clinical research, cannabis and testing laboratory operations by efficiently managing laboratory data and automating laboratory workflows on a cloud platform. The latest version of CloudLIMS, version 1.77, is packed with new features and enhancements to prep clinical and testing laboratories to meet regulatory, data management and reporting requirements. The highlights of this version are the ability to validate test results and the enhanced result reporting flexibility.

  • Validate Test Results: In the validation process, the goal is to ensure that the test methods and the results are verifiable with respect to representativeness, reproducibility and repeatability. With CloudLIMS, you can configure a test validation process, send multiple results for validation, select a verifier, track the validation status, thereby assuring the final test results. The laboratory manager or the approving authority can either approve or reject the test results, note their observations and write their remarks. This functionality helps testing laboratories assure the test results before the report is submitted to clients, an important requirement of ISO 17025:2017.
  • Enhanced Reporting Flexibility: You can now choose either a vertical or horizontal view for reporting analytes and their test results, providing the flexibility to report results as per your preference. Additionally, you can exclude or include a particular section from the test report and save it as a template for generating further test reports.
  • Dispose of Parent Samples Associated with Aliquots or Derivatives: You can now dispose of parent samples from which you have created aliquots or derivatives, without affecting the genealogy of the associated aliquots or derivatives. This helps in discarding those parent samples which are either no longer in use or are exhausted.
  • Edit or Delete Catalogs: This functionality enables you to edit catalogs that were created for the services your laboratory offers. You can now update the information and delete them from CloudLIMS, if those services are modified or discontinued.
  • Upload External Invoices for Your Clients: You can now upload invoices generated using any third-party billing software should you choose not to use the invoicing function in CloudLIMS. Once the invoices are uploaded, your clients can seamlessly access them over the client portal.

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