CloudLIMS Version 1.93 Released!


CloudLIMS, an advanced SaaS, in the cloud LIMS with zero upfront cost, accelerates biobanking, clinical, research, and testing laboratory operations by efficiently managing laboratory data, automating laboratory workflows, and following regulatory compliance, such as ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ISO 20387:2018, EU GDPR, 21 CFR part 11, HIPAA among others. The latest version of CloudLIMS, version 1.93, is equipped with new features and enhancements to enable biobanks and analytical testing laboratories, such as cannabis, agriculture, F&B, to better meet the data management and reporting requirements. The highlights of this version are the functionality to enable users to define complex formula expressions, and the ability to import flagging sets from a file, and the ability to color code flags.

  • Define Complex Formula Expressions: You can now use the exponential function to define complex formula expressions. This functionality enables you to auto-calculate complex test results, saving time and eliminating manual errors.
  • Import Flagging Sets From a File: You can now import flagging sets while importing test results from a file. The flagging set marks the acceptability of results. The flagging set information for each sample-analyte combination must be provided with each sample for a batch import of the sets along with the test results. This functionality eliminates the need for manually entering a flagging set for each sample, saving time and effort during the test set up process. Furthermore, this functionality helps prevent incorrect flagging of test results by reducing manual intervention.
  • Color Code Flags: You can now configure custom colors for each flag in a test result flagging set. This functionality enables you to quickly discern analytes with abnormal observed values from those having optimal values. Furthermore, you can configure the background color of the optimal flag, the result row, and the analyte row in the bar chart, enabling you to enhance the graphical representation of the analyte test results for professional reporting of results. You can even color-code the analytes flag based on the standards followed by your industry.
  • Enhanced Storage Module: You can now add multiple compartments or positions to a non-least storage container while creating or updating the storage hierarchy in CloudLIMS. You can specify the number of compartments to be added and assign custom labels to each. Furthermore, you can add other storage containers within a compartment and then assign samples. This functionality enhances the flexibility to mirror your storage inventory and create multiple compartments in just a few clicks.

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