CloudLIMS Version 2.60 Released


CloudLIMS, an advanced SaaS, in the cloud LIMS software with zero upfront cost, accelerates biobanking, analytical, diagnostic testing, and research laboratory operations by efficiently managing laboratory data, automating workflows, and following regulatory compliance, such as CLIA, ISO 15189:2012, ISO 20387:2018, EU GDPR, HIPAA, GLP, ISO/IEC 17025:2017, 21 CFR part 11, among others. The latest version of CloudLIMS, version 2.60, is equipped with new features and enhancements to enable biobanks, clinical, diagnostic testing, and analytical testing laboratories to better meet the data management, reporting, automation, and compliance requirements of the industry. The highlights of this version are the ability to enable authentication of CoAs or test reports, design labels to encode multiple tests, and generate test reports in a batch.

  • Enable Authentication of CoAs or Test Reports: You can now include a QR code on Certificates of Analysis (CoA) or test reports to enable easy authentication. The QR code encodes a link to the original CoA or test report generated by a laboratory. You can define the position and alignment of the QR code on the report and save the settings as a template for using it over again. This functionality enables authentication of CoAs or test reports and is particularly useful for analytical testing laboratories, such as cannabis, and clinical diagnostics. For example, a customer purchasing a cannabis product from a dispensary can scan the barcode on the CoA and match the reported composition with the composition on the product label to ensure that the product has the same composition as claimed.
  • Design Labels to Encode Multiple Tests: You can now print labels with barcodes for one or multiple tests. You can configure label templates with system-defined and user-defined attributes for different test types. Furthermore, you can define the printable label dimensions, barcode/attribute orientation, and label printing direction before printing the labels. The test information encoded in the barcode can be easily decoded by simply scanning and searching it in CloudLIMS. This functionality is particularly useful for analytical testing laboratories and enables them to meet ISO/IEC 17025 compliance.
  • Generate Test Reports in a Batch: You can now generate test reports in a batch for multiple patients and clients. The test reports are generated as separate files for each client and patient. You can select your preferred reporting template for doing a batch job. This functionality eliminates the need to generate reports piecemeal, thereby reducing the turnaround time.
  • Family Registrations on Patient Portal: The portal is now enhanced to enable families to book tests and access reports. Parents or the guardian of minors or members of a family can use their email address to register all the patients of a family. A unique username needs to be specified for each patient at the time of registration. After a successful registration, each patient or their guardians can access the patient portal using the unique username and password to track the status of their test request or to download test reports as soon as they are released by the laboratory; however, all the reports are mailed to the email address provided at the time of registration. This functionality is particularly useful for patients interested in COVID-19 or other diagnostic testing services offered by your laboratory.
  • Generate Incoming or Outgoing Package Reports: You can now generate a custom report containing incoming or outgoing package details in an MS Excel or CSV file format. Furthermore, you can configure custom report templates and set your preferred template as default for future use. This functionality enables you to easily share the details of packages with your logistics staff and keep them informed about incoming or outgoing packages on a day-to-day basis.
  • Timestamp on CoAs & Test Reports: The latest version of CloudLIMS enables you to include a timestamp on CoAs or test reports based on the time at which the report is generated. You can choose to display the time in 12-hour or 24-hour format per your preference and define the placement of the time stamp on the report. Furthermore, you can include a custom text next to the stamp. This functionality is particularly useful for analytical testing laboratories and enables them to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
  • Reject Service Requests with Reasons: You can now select one or multiple reasons while rejecting one or a batch of service requests. You can preconfigure a set of common rejection reasons for easy selection or enter a specific reason before rejecting a request. The reason for rejection is automatically recorded along with a date and time stamp and the name of the supervisor who rejected the request. Your customers can view the reason for rejection from the client portal. This functionality enables you to apprise your customers of the exact reason due to which their request was rejected. This helps your customers take necessary corrective actions before re-submitting their request, minimizing the chances of subsequent rejections and saving costs.

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