CloudLIMS Version 2.90 Released


CloudLIMS, an advanced SaaS, in the cloud LIMS software with zero upfront cost, accelerates biobanking, analytical, diagnostic testing, and research laboratory operations by efficiently managing laboratory data, automating workflows, and following regulatory compliance, such as CLIA, ISO 15189:2012, ISO 20387:2018, EU GDPR, HIPAA, GLP, ISO/IEC 17025:2017, 21 CFR part 11, among others. The latest version of CloudLIMS, version 2.90, is equipped with new features and enhancements to enable biobanks, diagnostics, clinical, research, and analytical testing laboratories to better meet the data management, reporting, automation, and compliance requirements of the industry. The highlights of this version include the ability to print labels from the client portal, enhanced storage module view, and the ability to affix signatures on reports.

  • Client Portal Services Extended: Your lab’s customers can now print sample labels from CloudLIMS’ self-serve client portal. They can define the label and page dimensions, barcode/attribute orientation, label printing direction, and include attributes on the label before printing them. This functionality enables your customers to print labels and affix them on the samples before sending them to your laboratory, eliminating any chances of sample loss or manual errors. For example, a physician can print labels and affix them on samples as soon as they collect samples from patients and subsequently send the labeled samples to your laboratory for diagnosis. Your laboratory can simply scan the labels to accession the samples in CloudLIMS, saving time and costly errors.
  • Enhanced Storage Module View: You can now view non-least storage units graphically as per the defined dimensions. This functionality is particularly useful for biobanks and enhances their flexibility to exactly mirror their storage inventory. A non-least storage unit is a storage container, for example, a freezer, or a compartment within which smaller containers can be stored. You can assign custom labels to each row and column for easy identification and storage.
  • Affix Signatures on Reports: The latest version of CloudLIMS enables you to include the approver’s signature on Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) and test reports without the need to upload the signature each time to affix it digitally. The approver’s signature is retrieved automatically from the approver’s profile along with other details, such as first name, last name, salutation, qualification, custom text, and a user-defined ID. You can define the font size and the alignment of the signature and save the settings as a template for using it over again. This functionality enables you to meet regulatory requirements and comply with the 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines with ease.
  • Import Dependency Attributes: You can now set the preferred value of the dependent attribute while importing data for the controlling attribute to the Samples module. If only one value is present for the dependent attribute, CloudLIMS automatically maps the dependent value with the controlling attribute while importing data from a file. This functionality significantly reduces the time and effort required to manually enter dependent values of a large number of samples, besides reducing transcription errors.
  • Default Templates for Instruments: You can now configure your preferred data import template as default for each instrument. If default templates are mapped to instruments, CloudLIMS automatically starts importing data from the instruments without the need to manually initiate the process. This functionality is particularly useful for laboratories using multiple instruments and enables them to configure a default template for each instrument as a one-time activity, thereby saving time.

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