Free eBook: A Comprehensive Guide to the USDA's Hemp Testing Rules

This eBook is intended to help hemp testing laboratories overcome regulatory hurdles, provide practical tips & solutions on achieving 100% compliance, and introduce obligatory federal regulations to hemp testing labs. To download our free eBook, please complete the form below.

Get a comprehensive understanding of:

  • 1. The Agricultural Act of 2014 and State Pilot Programs
  • 2. The Agricultural Act of 2018 and the Hemp Bill
  • 3. The Hemp Final Rule (FR)
  • 4. Operational changes introduced by the FR
    • Changes to testing requirements and testing procedures
    • Sampling procedure
    • DEA registration
    • Measurement of uncertainty
    • Remediation of hot hemp
    • Use of validated test methods
    • Need for quality assurance protocols
    • Need for internal SOP specific to testing and retesting hemp
  • 5. How a LIMS can automate hemp testing workflows and enable labs to meet the regulatory requirements with ease

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