Seamlessly Configure Agriculture Laboratory Workflows using CloudLIMS, An Agriculture LIMS Offered as SaaS

Agricultural laboratories are paramount for the sustenance of the agriculture industry since they play a crucial role right from soil testing to final crop testing. Agricultural laboratories perform an array of analytical tests to ensure enhanced crop productivity, assure the quality of ingredients and final edible products, and safety of human beings. Some of the tests performed by agricultural testing laboratories include moisture testing, testing for fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, soil microorganisms, soil fertility, etc. Agricultural testing laboratories face several challenges such as tracking and managing samples submitted by various sources, managing a diverse range of tests, following regulatory guidelines such as ISO/IEC 17025:2017, GLP, etc. A LIMS is indispensable to meet the data management, automation, and regulatory requirements of agricultural testing laboratories. CloudLIMS, a configurable cloud-based LIMS, empowers agricultural testing laboratories to manage various types of agricultural samples such as soil, seed, plant tissue, etc., in addition to various types of tests. It helps in generating comprehensive test reports in accordance with customers’ requirements and state and federal regulations. Furthermore, it helps to automate experimental workflows and follow regulatory guidelines, thereby enhancing efficiency, improving workflow standardization, and assuring quality and food safety.

Agriculture LIMS Test Results

A Schematic Representation of a Typical Agriculture Testing Laboratory Workflow

Sample Test Request
Placed by Customer

Sample Sent
to Lab




Test Results
Imported in LIMS

Test Results

CoA & Invoice

CoA & Invoice Emailed
to customer


Major Challenges of Agricultural Testing Laboratories

  • Following various regulatory requirements such as GAPs, ISO/IEC 17025:2017, 21 CFR Part 11, etc.
  • Managing routine and non-routine agricultural samples and sample lots throughout their life-cycle
  • Tracking samples using barcodes
  • Managing analytical data such as tests and test results
  • Maintaining a complete sample and test Chain-of-Custody (CoC)
  • Following quality control standards to ensure the accuracy of test results
  • Following Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs)
  • Generating custom test reports and sharing them with customers in real-time
  • Ensuring timely calibration and maintenance of analytical equipment
  • Minimizing test Turnaround Time (TAT) without compromising the quality of test results
  • Sharing test reports and invoices with customers in real-time for the services provided

Certificate of Analysis

Agriculture LIMS-Certificate of Analysis

Realize the Benefits of CloudLIMS

CloudLIMS is a scalable LIMS which helps you scale your laboratory operations per your business needs. It enables agricultural testing laboratories to access laboratory data, 24x7, from anywhere using an internet-ready device. Being a zero upfront cost LIMS, CloudLIMS enables small laboratories with meager budgets to automate laboratory workflows and follow regulatory requirements seamlessly.

Agricultural testing laboratories have realized the benefits of CloudLIMS in the following ways:

  • Automated workflows to meet regulatory compliance such as ISO/IEC 17025:2017, GLP, 21 CFR Part 11, etc.
  • Seamless management of the complete life cycle of agricultural samples, including QC samples for quality assurance
  • A comprehensive module to manage test results and generate comprehensive custom test reports
  • Integration of CloudLIMS with analytical equipment to automate sample and test data transfer, ensuring data integrity and eliminating transcription errors
  • Real-time access to test results, test progress status, test reports, and invoices
  • Flexibility to quickly configure CloudLIMS to mirror diverse agricultural testing workflows
  • Maximum return on investment by eliminating capital expenses using a SaaS LIMS

CloudLIMS’ Agriculture LIMS Functionality

Address Regulatory Requirements

Follow GAPs, ISO 17025:2017, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Track Samples using Barcodes

Generate 1D or 2D barcodes, print labels, and track samples, such as soil, seeds, plant tissue, etc., using barcodes.

Integrate with Laboratory Equipment

Integrate laboratory equipment, such as particle counters, GC Systems, etc., with CloudLIMS to facilitate automatic data transfer.

Generate Test Reports

Generate custom test reports containing sample and test details, test results, and client information.

Regulatory Compliance

Good Laboratory Practices
Follow ISO 17025 :2017
Follow 21 CFR Part 11

Streamline Your Agricultural Testing Laboratory Operations Using CloudLIMS

Batch and sample management
Manage Samples & Maintain Sample CoC
Supports management of diverse agricultural samples such as soil, plant tissue, seeds, crops, etc. CloudLIMS supports automatic registration of incoming samples and sample batches, batch importing and editing of sample records, maintaining Sample CoC, and tracking samples using barcodes.
Quality Control in LIMS
Ensure Quality Control (QC)
Supports management of QC samples such as standard, duplicates, etc. You can seamlessly manage the test results of QC samples and save them as a template. The comparison of the QC sample test results with the actual samples helps to identify errors and to control the quality of analytical data.
LIMS Client Portal
Manage Laboratory Documents and Exercise Version Control
Supports management of internal or external documents, such as normative reference documents, specifications, instructions, manuals, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). You can assign role-based document access rights, monitor document updates, and exercise version control for auditing and reporting.
Manage and Validate Analytical Tests and Import Test Results
Supports management of various tests performed by agricultural labs such as plant tissue or seed testing, pesticide analysis, etc. CloudLIMS facilitates the association of each test with samples, inventories, instruments, and the technician who performed the test. CloudLIMS helps maintain test CoC, validate test results, import test results from a file, and track test turn-around time to monitor laboratory efficiency.
Manage Laboratory Services and Invoicing
Supports management of customer service requests such as sample tests, sample storage, etc., assigning and processing of service requests, generation of invoices for the services provided, uploading of external invoices generated by a third-party billing software.
Manage Sample Storage locations
Facilitates management of storage locations of agricultural samples, such as soil samples. CloudLIMS helps create hierarchical storage units, view storage inventory graphically, and automatically assign storage locations to samples based on barcodes, enabling quick sample tracking.
Ensure Calibration & Maintenance of Instruments is Up-to-Date
Maintains an electronic record of all laboratory instruments and their past, present, and future calibration and maintenance schedule for audits. This helps in tracking instrument calibration status, prevents the use of un-calibrated instruments, thereby assuring the accuracy of test results.
Enhance Customer Experience using Client Portal
CloudLIMS’ client portal enables your clients to add samples, place sample tests requests, view test results in real-time, download Certificates of Analysis (CoA) and invoices. This helps in reducing turnaround time and increasing customer satisfaction.

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