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Manage your patient and sample data with confidence using CloudLIMS, a complete clinical LIMS offered as SaaS

Are you struggling with managing clinical studies? Empower your lab with CloudLIMS and experience the difference!
Sample tracking Accurately locate a specimen from anywhere within storage units such as freezers, racks, or trays by using storage IDs, barcodes, and RFID tags
Metadata confusion
Easily select attributes (metadata) related to a biological specimen (data) and perform a search using templates and advanced filters to interrogate clinical information
Managing sample biographic information Manage specimen collection data and testing processes, and integrate them with chain of custody and storage location
Comprehensive patient management In one consolidated form, get patient demographics, consents, clinical notes and testing results. Ensure patient data privacy by using access permission rights
Follow statutory guidelines Using CloudLIMS, work in a regulatory compliant environment by using electronic signatures and by maintaining audit trails. Follow 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, and CLIA regulatory standards with ease
Data security and access restrictions Ensure patient data & sample privacy using LDAP authentication for user-role based access control. Secure transmission over the web is assured using 256-bit AES encryption
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Dr. Carolyn Compton

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CloudLIMS, a powerful LIMS to efficiently manage your lab

Clinical research data management made easy!

Biospecimen Management
Manage clinical study specimens along with testing, distribution and reporting attributes. Organize storage hierarchies and assign a location to each sample which promotes easy tracking.

Test Management
Design, record, track and generate results for qualitative and quantitative tests performed on samples.

Query Capabilities
Identify and locate specimens of interest for clinical research purposes with flexible and easy-to-use query templates through the system’s seamless graphic interface.

Easy configurable workflow to fit your unique environment and eliminate tedious manual entry.

Secure Web Access
Allows physicians, laboratory managers, and service centers to retrieve test results and generate reports online.

Test Reports
Generate intuitive and meaningful reports. Authenticate test reports with electronic signatures. Publish your lab logo/signature for professional reporting services.

Audit Trail
Keep track of all user activities performed in your lab with a comprehensive audit trail.

Laboratory Requisitions
Streamline sample and storage requests received from within your organization or from external researchers. Accept or reject a request to control access to samples and inventory.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"We were looking for a package which would be suitable for tracking samples between different locations, generate barcodes, print labels and set up clinical studies. CloudLIMS enabled this and negated the requirement for large hardware costs – as a new business, this was very attractive. Also being able to update numbers of licences easily on a monthly basis is an advantage to an expanding business and enables us to tailor our contract with CloudLIMS to meet the requirements of our new clients. The support at CloudLIMS is excellent and I am very satisfied with their services."

Colibri Scientific

- Dr. Sue Keeler
Managing Director
Colibri Scientific Ltd.
United Kingdom

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