Cloud-based, HIPAA-Compliant, Secure Patient Portal

HIPAA-Compliant Patient Portal

Connecting COVID-19 Diagnostic Laboratories with Patients and Providing Patients Faster Registration and Safer Access to Test Results in Real-Time

The portal enables patients to self-register, reducing the waiting time at the sample collection site, tracks the status of their test requests, and enables them to securely download and print their test reports as soon as they are released by the diagnostic laboratory.

How CloudLIMS's Patient Portal Works

Secure Patient Portal

A patient visits the website of a diagnostic laboratory and navigates to their branded patient portal set up by CloudLIMS.

Patient Pre-registration

The patient enters personal details for self-registration in the registration form without the laboratory's intervention.

Patient Record Creation

The registration process also creates the patient's record in the Patient module of CloudLIMS, eliminating any need for the laboratory to enter data.

Secure Access

After successful registration, the patient instantly receives an email with login credentials to securely access the patient portal. The patient can change or recover their login credentials anytime and track the status of their test request.

Speedy Sample Collection

The patient receives a unique QR code as soon as the registration is complete. The patient can then have the QR code scanned at the sample collection site to confirm their identity and pull up the patient record already created during the registration process. Subsequently, the specimen is collected, associated with the patient record and sent to the laboratory for testing.

Instant Notifications

As soon as the testing is complete and the laboratory releases the test report, the patient is notified of status by email.

Access Test Reports

The patient receives the report at the convenience of their homes, saving a trip to the lab for report collection. They can then securely log in to the patient portal and download or print their test report. The test report contains a unique QR code that can be scanned for authentication of test results at airports, workplaces, universities or anywhere they go.


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