Benefits of Having an In-house Biobank

  • Eases accessibility of samples at any given time
  • Reduces logistical challenges in transporting samples
  • Saves time
  • Eliminates dependence on third parties for sample storage
  • Enables maintaining sample quality and therefore integrity for research

An in-house biobank must adhere to the same quality and regulatory standards applicable for commercial and third-party biobanks. This includes managing biospecimens and their associated metadata, automating operational workflows, ensuring data integrity, and preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data among other tasks. Additionally, an in-house biobank must meet regulatory requirements and follow standards and best practices such as ISO 20387, HIPAA, EU GDPR, ISBER & NCI Best Practices, and 21 CFR Part 11.

In-house Biobanking Workflow

Receiving Samples
at the Collection Point

Registering Patients
and Recording their Consent


Processing Samples
for Quality Checks

Creating Aliquots or Derivatives
while Maintaining the Genealogy

Assigning Unique Storage
Locations to Samples


CloudLIMS Has All Features Required to Support In-house Biobanking Workflows

CloudLIMS Offers the Following Features

Maintains a complete history of each sample from reception till disposal and automates sample processing workflows.

Mirrors your storage inventory, optimally manages freezer space, and generates a report of all empty locations in a freezer.

Grants role-based access permissions to authorized individuals and user groups to safeguard the PHI of patients.

Facilitates easy traceability of samples and enables you to retrieve the whole chain of parent and child samples by simply doing a barcode search of the parent sample.

Tracks the movement of samples from the time they are received to the point where they are disposed of.

Designs and assigns barcodes to samples and prints labels for unique tracking of samples through the sample life cycle.

Provides regular alerts on expiry, freeze-thaw count, and sample quantity.

Manages staff training and allows tasks to be assigned to competent technicians.

Enables better management of all SOPs, confidential documents, policies of your biobank, and tracks full version history of the folders, subfolders and each file within them.

Supports context search which is a filter-based search to refine sample search and quickly find the sample of interest.

Tracks population and cohort studies (Completed, Active, Inactive).

Generates sample, patient, and study reports. Furthermore, CloudLIMS generates inventory and staff training reports for better resource management.

Facilitates stock management of reagents, consumables, kits, and notifies you before the inventory depletes or expires.

Enables OTP and password-based login for two-factor authentication and locks user accounts temporarily on account of multiple failed login attempts.

Follow Regulatory Compliance

ISO 20387
21 CFR Part 11
ISBER Best Practices
NCI Best Practices

Why CloudLIMS?

CloudLIMS enables in-house biobanks to manage samples and their associated metadata from end to end.
  • It is easy to configure and accommodates specific workflow requirements
  • It supports integration with EMR/HIS for automated bidirectional data transfer
  • It enables in-house biobanks to easily automate while avoiding costly customization and operational costs
  • It is 100% cloud-based, highly secure, and offers a turnkey solution to meet all the needs of your in-house biobank
  • It can be deployed in less than a week, enabling you to go live in no time

CloudLIMS Helps Ensure the Quality and Security of Your Samples and Data at All Times

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What Our Customers Say About Us

"With CloudLIMS, we were able to load our legacy data of 60,000 samples rapidly using the universal uploader. The uploader directly maps our existing data to the data fields in CloudLIMS. The data fields and our laboratory workflows were easy to configure, which allowed for a quick deployment!"

University of Sheffield

Dr. Steven Haynes
Core Facility Manager
Genomics Facility/Sheffield Biorepository
University of Sheffield

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