Looking for a LIMS to Redefine Your Wine Testing Laboratory Workflows?

Easily configure & mirror wine testing laboratory workflows using CloudLIMS, a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) offered as SaaS

Wine is a vibrant alcoholic beverage that is expected to be unadulterated, safe, and consistent. Therefore, wine producers periodically check for maintaining optimal conditions for the wine composition and quality at every stage of wine making. There are several analytical testing procedures available to ensure wine quality. Some of them include process monitoring (controlling chemical reactions during wine-making), quality check, authenticity testing (adulteration etc.), wine turbidity testing, titratable acidity (TA) testing, pH, biological and physiochemical stability etc. The wine testing labs exclusively serve the analytical needs and quality goals of wineries and wine producers to help them produce a high-quality wine. The wine testing labs process work orders such as measurements of ethanol, glycerol, sulphites, amino acids, sugars, volatile acids, titratable acids, pH and reducing sugars in wine samples that are sent by producers.

The process of making wine involves minimal handling and requires adherence to strict standards to consistently create a flavorful, superior product. Furthermore, the testing labs receive orders on a daily or hourly basis from producers, specially during the harvest time when tanks are actively fermenting. As a result, the test results need to be quickly delivered to ensure clean fermentation. The results generated by wine testing labs are thus significant, not only facilitating wine making decisions but also in guiding producers through the juice, fermentation, filtration and bottling stages. Understanding the demands of wine safety and quality testing can be a complex task for a laboratory with numerous analytes and residues to monitor. Nevertheless, testing labs need to expedite work orders while maintaining an appropriate testing schedule at the production site. To do so, manual approaches of using paper-based systems are time-consuming, error prone and inefficient. To help testing labs meet their workflow management challenges, to maintain quality standards and to deliver value services to clients on time, CloudLIMS offers a powerful tool, CloudLIMS.

CloudLIMS helps automate the registration of tests at critical points in the fermentation process thereby assisting in streamlining the quality control process and generating reports in real time to facilitate quick decision making.

Here is what Robert Tracy, Co-Founder at BevTrac has to say about CloudLIMS “With the implementation of CloudLIMS, our sample logging, analysis and results delivery to our clients are done in real time, thereby helping our clients to schedule production on time.”
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