CloudLIMS @ISBER 2019 Regional Meeting & Exhibits


CloudLIMS is pleased to announce its participation at the ISBER 2019 Regional Meeting & Exhibits, to be held at the Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot, Minneapolis, United States, from November 3-5, 2019. We are presenting a poster titled “Enabling Biobanks Achieve ISO 20387 Compliance Using a Cloud-based LIMS” at the event. The poster, ID PG-07, is scheduled to be presented on November 4, 2019, from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM at the poster session titled “Innovative Technology”. The poster will be on display for the entire duration of the event. Biobanks provide high-quality biological materials and associated data for clinical and translational research. Biobanks need to comply with the requirements of ISO 20387:2018 to demonstrate their competence in providing quality biological materials. ISO 20387 specifies the general requirements for the competence, impartiality, and consistent operations of biobanks. ISO 20387 plays a crucial role in the standardization of practices among biobanks, researchers, and third parties. The poster emphasizes the importance of a Biobanking LIMS in meeting the general, resource, process, and quality management system requirements of ISO 20387:2018 compliance and in standardizing biobanking processes. The poster illustrates the role of a LIMS in maintaining Chain of Custody of biological materials throughout their life cycle, managing equipment along with their calibration and maintenance status, managing training and competence records of personnel, securely storing documents such as SOPs, consents, notes in one place and tracking their revision history. Furthermore, the poster showcases the significance of a in the cloud LIMS for disaster recovery.

International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER), a global biobanking organization, creates opportunities for collaboration, education, and training. ISBER harmonizes approaches to emerging challenges in biological and environmental repositories. Over 300 delegates and exhibitors are expected to attend. The event starts on November 3, 2019, with biobanking workshops and round table discussions. On November 4, 2019, the event agenda includes symposiums, corporate workshops, and poster sessions. On the last day, the event includes educational workshops, symposiums, contributed paper sessions, and closing ceremony. The 3-day regional meeting also features talks by eminent scientists and several exhibitions demonstrating the latest products, services, and technology.

If you would like to discuss your biorepository data management and regulatory challenges and see what CloudLIMS can do to address the challenges, schedule a meeting with us or stop by our poster.

We look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis!

Also, download the poster titled “Empowering Biobanks to Comply with the EU GDPR for Personal Data Protection using a Cloud-based LIMS”. The poster was presented by our COO, Shonali Paul, at the Europe Biobank Week 2019.