Batch Import Samples Using CloudLIMS

CloudLIMS is a user friendly, web based sample management solution. Backed by an intuitive user interface, you can import multiple samples at a time using an xls or csv file

Here is an example of how the import file should look like:

Samples can be imported with or without freezer assignments. To assign a freezer location while importing samples, the freezers must be pre-configured. Here is what to do:

A) For importing the samples without freezer assignments, you can import the file from the sample management module or by using the Import Data tab found under the Control Panel.

  1. Prepare an .xls or .csv file in which the first row has the headers mapped to the attributes present in CloudLIMS's Sample Form
  2. Click Import from File icon and follow the on screen prompts to upload the data file
  3. Once uploaded, users can map the file headers to the sample attributes
  4. Click Import

B) For importing samples with freezer assignment, the same steps as above are followed but the following points should be taken care of:

  1. The storage location should be created in CloudLIMS under Storage Management module before the file is imported
  2. Storage path from the CloudLIMS should be included in the sample sheet and to be mapped while importing. For example, if the sample is to be stored in the first cell of a second box in the first rack in freezer one then the storage path would be F1R1B2~R1C1

Note: If you have information on the sample which is to be received in the biorepository at a future date, then include a header named Part of Package in the sheet. Map it to Part of Package field in the CloudLIMS form while importing. The expected sample can be assigned a storage location and is color coded differently from a sample which is already received in the biorepository. This functionality helps in tracking biorepository samples effectively.

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