How to Design and Track Tests Using CloudLIMS

CloudLIMS offers a comprehensive laboratory and patient management functionality required by researchers and technicians involved in clinical testing and molecular diagnostics

CloudLIMS provides flexibility, configurability and ease of use to end users to manage end to end clinical research work-flow. With CloudLIMS's subject module, you can manage patient clinical record, consent information, family and medical history.

With test management functionality, you can design quantitative and qualitative diagnostic tests, track test results in real time and generate test reports to provide to patients. CloudLIMS generates very organized test reports allowing testing labs to provide crucial information to both doctors and patients.

Designing a Test:

Using Application setting>>Test, you can create

  1. Family of Test Groups, Test Codes, Test Methods and Test Names
  2. Flagging set, a group for which normal & critical ranges along with known outcomes can be defined. Reports are based on this reference set
  3. User defined fields for each test & result section can be easily created

Tracking and Managing Tests:

To add a test,

  1. Select a desired Test Group and Test Code combination. The respective Test Name and Test Method are displayed automatically
  2. Click the Add Test icon to create a new test
  3. Test Details form opens. You can enter additional test details as well
  4. Under Test Results tab, click Pick Sample button to associate samples with the test
  5. You can also define the number of runs for each sample in a test
  6. Enter the result for each run
  7. While entering the test results, pre-configured flagging sets can also be selected to flag samples if the result values are out of the normal range
  8. Once the results are entered, the test can be marked as complete. The quantity of the test sample left over after conducting the test can be updated here
  9. Conclusions and other relevant observations can also be entered for the test. Results for multiple samples can be entered at a time

Report Generation:

To generate test reports,
  1. Under Test module, select test records for which report is to be generated and click the Export icon
  2. A report containing patient, sample, test and result details is generated
  3. You can customize the report setting a title, header, footer, signatures, date etc.

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