LDAP Integration in CloudLIMS for Enhanced User Authentication

What is LDAP Authentication?

LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It allows users of an organization to access CloudLIMS using the same access credentials (User ID and Password) provided by the organization. To ensure security, users are able to access the application only after authentication from the organization's LDAP server.

CloudLIMS support two LDAP services:

1. Open LDAP (open source)
2. Active directory (by Microsoft)

Why Use LDAP?

The main benefit of using LDAP is that information for an entire organization can be consolidated into a central repository. LDAP enables the use of a central database of users for which the IT team has already created the log-in information. Rather than managing user lists for each group within an organization, LDAP is used as a central directory, accessible on the network. LDAP supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), thus, enabling protection of sensitive data.

LDAP Configuration in CloudLIMS

  1. Go to User Profiles module, that is available only to the Master Admin user and click LDAP Configuration button.
  2. The LDAP Configuration Settings window opens, which allows you to select either Internal Authentication or LDAP Authentication.
    • Only Master Admin user will be able to login using both, LDAP or Internal Authentication credentials irrespective of its selection.
    • If LDAP Authentication is on, other users can't login the application using Internal Authentication credentials.
  1. The LDAP attributes for LDAP Authentication are as under:
    • Host: This field requires an IP address, (PUBLIC IP address will be required in order to establish connection between LDAP application and CloudLIMS).
    • Port: The port number is provided by the system administrator of the organization.
    • Base DN: This attribute is not mandatory. The value can be provided in this format:(CN=Pbi,DC=Test,DC=COM). This information is also provided by the system administrator of the organization.
    • Bind DN(Distinguished Name): This field is mandatory and contains information that is used for user authentication. The value can be provided in this format: (cn=BS,ou=Group,dc=test,dc=com). This information is also provided by the system administrator of the organization.
    • Bind Password: This field is not mandatory.
    • Search Attribute: This is a mandatory field. Its value can be provided in a format like this: cn or uid. The value "cn" refers to the context name or user name. This information is provided by the system administrator of the organization.
    • Use SSL/TLS: This field is not editable.
  1. After specifying the LDAP setting parameters, click the TEST LDAP Settings button.
  2. The Test LDAP Configuration Settings window opens. Enter the username and password configured on LDAP server. Click Verify.
  3. After successful verification, settings can be saved. To edit the settings further, click the Lock icon and follow the same steps listed above.
  4. After executing the above steps, CloudLIMS is verifies users using the LDAP credentials and provides access to the system data.

Note: When LDAP is activated, a user must have a user profile created with same username as configured on the LDAP server, under the User Profiles module in CloudLIMS Enterprise.

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