CloudLIMS Enterprise

A Configurable SaaS LIMS System for Your Laboratory

CloudLIMS Enterprise is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), offered as SaaS, enabling laboratories to automate their workflows and become more efficient. CloudLIMS Enterprise not only helps manage samples through their complete life cycle but also assists in managing complex laboratory operations. It facilitates collaborative studies, sample requisition, and inventory management to measure and record inventories of vital supplies and laboratory equipment. It includes Client Portal, Study Management, Services and Billing Management, Instrument Calibration and Maintenance, and Lab Inventory modules, in addition to all the modules of CloudLIMS Standard edition.

The CloudLIMS Enterprise includes the following features in addition to all the features of CloudLIMS Standard edition:

Client Portal

The client portal enables users to provide online access of the LIMS system to their clients, enabling them to add samples, place requests for sample purchase, storage and tests, view status of samples sent for testing, download test reports and invoices, anytime, anywhere, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. As soon as your clients are registered with CloudLIMS Enterprise, CloudLIMS emails the access link and the login credentials to them, allowing your clients to start using the client portal.

Service and Billing Management

External researchers and organizations can make different types of requests such as a request for deposit/retrieval of samples to biobanks and laboratory services, using secure external logins. The request life cycle can be executed and tracked. Users can configure notifications and receive instant alerts upon receipt of a request. Users may Approve/Reject a request and control access to their samples.

Study Management

CloudLIMS Enterprise enables users to manage information of active, inactive and completed studies including associated samples, aliquots, derivative created, subjects etc. Users can also attach different reports, pictures, and documents to each study. Specific user groups can be authorized to access for studies and the associated sensitive data to comply with regulatory guidelines.

Inventory Management

Manage reagents and other laboratory consumables throughout their life cycle. Inventory can be registered along with vendor details. Important documents such as MSDS and protocols can be attached. Re-order levels can be tracked. Notifications can be configured such that users get notified when an inventory reaches threshold levels for ordering requisitions.

Key Features

Sample Lifecycle Management

Manage complete sample life-cycle including automatic sample accessioning, batch editing or importing of samples, maintain sample Chain-of-Custody (CoC), track samples via barcodes/RFIDs, manage all aspects of sample genealogy, including aliquots, derivatives, and pooled samples, in addition to final disposal of samples.

Sample Source Management

Seamlessly manage various sample sources such as humans, plants, animals, food and beverage samples, etc. In the case of patients, you can manage their demographics, consent information, to meet ethical and legal requirements.

Define Storage Hierarchy and Locate Samples in Your Laboratory

Create hierarchical storage units and view storage inventory graphically to manage storage locations of hundreds and thousands of samples, enabling quick and accurate locating of samples.

Manage Multi-Analyte Test Results and Track Testing Turnaround Time

Manage qualitative and quantitative tests for multiple analytes, auto-calculate test results, maintain test Chain-of-Custody (CoC), validate test results, and track testing turnaround time (TAT).

Import Test Results and Generate Custom Reports

Import test results seamlessly from an instrument file, generate custom test reports and Certificates of Analysis (CoA).

Data Transfer via Lab Instrument Integration

Integrate with analytical instruments via an Application Programming Interface (API), facilitating bi-directional data transfer and eliminating manual errors.

Client Management

Add client information or import client records from a file, reset login credentials for your clients, set their status (active or inactive), and generate a PDF or Microsoft XLS report for all clients registered in the LIMS system.

Track Shipments to Clients & Collaborators

Retrieve samples from a storage location and package them, keep a track of the samples shipped to your clients and collaborators or incoming samples.

CloudLIMS’ Data Security Measures

Data security is of utmost priority for all labs. This page describes several measures that CloudLIMS has taken to address privacy and data security concerns of labs and to comply with regulatory guidelines. Our software and data center are hosted on a third-party cloud service provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has a shared responsibility model for security. While AWS manages the security of the cloud, the onus of security in the cloud belongs to us as a LIMS vendor. We retain control of what security measures our customers choose to implement to protect their data, platform, applications, systems, and networks, no differently than they would for applications in an on-site data center.

Follow Regulatory Compliance


Add, Edit and Store Samples in a Batch Create Aliquots and Derivatives After Adding Samples

Case Studies

Learn how laboratories across industries have benefitted from using CloudLIMS by effectively managing their data, streamlining workflows, and providing high-quality services to their customers.

Watch Webinars

Watch our webinars to learn how CloudLIMS helps laboratories across the globe in managing data, automating workflows, and following regulatory guidelines.


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