CloudLIMS Spoke on the USDA’s Hemp Testing Rules @The 2022 AOAC INTERNATIONAL


We are back from The 2022 AOAC INTERNATIONAL Hybrid Annual Meeting & Exposition. The event was held at Westin Kierland, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA from August 26 – September 1, 2022.

Martha Hernandez, Scientist at, delivered a talk titled “How to Comply With the USDA’s New Hemp Testing Rules With Ease” at the event.

The talk covered:

  • The journey of hemp legalization.
  • The importance of federal hemp testing rules and why hemp testing labs need to follow them.
  • The operational changes hemp testing labs need to make to avoid regulatory pitfalls and penalties.
  • How a laboratory software for CBD/THC laboratories can help meet regulatory compliance and quality standards with ease.

The talk was well-received by the audience. If you missed the chance to hear her speak live, you can download the presentation from our website.

About the Event

AOAC INTERNATIONAL brought together government, industry, and academia to establish standard analytical methods to assure the safety and integrity of foods, cannabis, and other products that impact public health across the globe. The event provided opportunities for businesses to meet scientific and regulatory experts, for scientists to build professional expertise and share best practices, and for regulators to leverage stakeholder collaboration to improve compliance and public safety. The 6-day hybrid event featured talks by industry leaders, poster presentations, and exhibitions by several vendors, and offered unparalleled networking and collaboration opportunities.

If you did not attend the event or did not get a chance to hear our talk, you can have us call you at your convenience to discuss the regulatory and operational challenges of your laboratory.

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