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CloudLIMS for Quality Assurance & Quality Control Services in the Food and Beverages Industry


BevTrac serves the wine industry by providing a laboratory that conducts state-of-the-art analytical and microbiological testing. Their mission is to deliver practical, timely, innovative, and comprehensive quality services to the wine industry, thereby allowing their customers to produce the best quality product. The company has successfully provided quality assessments to over fifty wineries on the West Coast of the United States. BevTrac is the first and only company in the US wine industry to offer comprehensive sanitation services. They have the ability to cover all aspects of winery sanitation, right from rapid assessments of the sanitary condition of facilities to complete development and implementation of sanitation programs (a turn-key sanitation program).

Business Challenges

In the first quarter of 2015, BevTrac elected to implement a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for their winery sanitation and quality assurance lab. Until that time, they were using manual processes such as paper, Word and Excel. The company recognized the need to improvise and streamline operations, in order to offer better services to their customers who are wine manufacturers on the west coast of the US.

According to Robert Tracy, co-founder of BevTrac, "The first objective was to find a cost effective system that would drive our wine testing efficiency. The second was to automate the actual testing processes along with tracking of samples and associated results to fully streamline quality control processes in the lab. The third was to generate a custom report for our clients.” BevTrac wanted a system that could closely follow the operations of their lab at an affordable price point.

CloudLIMS Solution

BevTrac started looking for a way to improve the speed at which test results move through their laboratory, in order to improve the services offered to their customers. Robert learned about CloudLIMS's SaaS model while doing Internet searches. He contacted the CloudLIMS office in Delaware. In time, the support staff configured a version of CloudLIMS's SaaS version to meet the specific needs of BevTrac. After a thorough evaluation, Robert realized that CloudLIMS completely met his needs at a price point that no other vendor was offering.

Quick Overview


Founded in 2007, BevTrac delivers comprehensive quality services and solutions to the wine industry thereby allowing their clients to produce the best quality product.. BevTrac is the first and only company in the US wine industry to offer comprehensive sanitation services. The company has successfully provided quality assessments to over fifty wineries on the West Coast of the United States.


Windsor, CA, United States

Business Challenges

The paper-based methods used for managing data were turning out to be cost inefficient. Additionally, it was required to automate the process of testing, tracking of samples, and quality control. Therefore, a cost-effective Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) was required to streamline operations and to generate custom reports for clients.




Effective data management, quick and complete tracking of samples, efficient handling of tests provided accountability and faster turn around times, enabled BevTrac to offer better and custom services to clients.

He received a fully configurable and scalable system with comprehensive sample inventory management with a record of test results. He was able to come up to speed quickly, given that his legacy data, tests and template for the report were pre-loaded in the system for him, at no additional charges.

With the implementation of CloudLIMS' CloudLIMS, BevTrac is now able to offer value added services to wine manufacturers. CloudLIMS offers an online requisition system by which winemakers can place orders and track them through the system. BevTrac receives a notification of the order, collects the sample, processes it the same day and then offers a custom report based on the results of testing.


CloudLIMS takes the effort out of sample reception, tracking and testing. It also now provides the lab with the accountability and security features that were once lacking to maintain the integrity of samples and test results. Since CloudLIMS has simplified the sample collection and tracking process for the lab, BevTrac now has more time to focus on quality assurance and servicing of clients.

Robert Tracy says, "With the implementation of CloudLIMS, our sample logging, analysis and results delivery to our clients are done in real time, thereby helping our clients to schedule production on time".


Our decision to implement CloudLIMS was validated when our lab was able to quickly turn around samples. With our operations streamlined, we have significantly improved our ability to provide our clients with more timely testing results. I'd say CloudLIMS is the most affordable full featured sample management tool on the market with data backups, hosting, loading of existing data and technical support all built into the product price. CloudLIMS team has done a great job!
- BevTrac Mobile Quality Systems LLC

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