Leveraging Cloud-based LIMS for Managing Tissue Samples at RGCIRC Biorepository to facilitate Cancer Research

Presenter: Shonali Paul, COO at CloudLIMS

Venue: Europe Biobank Week 2019, Lübeck Germany

Abstract: Biobanks collect, process, store, and provide high-quality annotated biospecimens to researchers, paving the way for the development of novel prognosis and treatments methods. Data is the most crucial asset for any biobank. The growing pace of research demands the availability of a large number of high-quality biospecimens that are stored and managed at required ambient conditions. Thus, biobanks need to maintain the biospecimen quality throughout the process of collecting, processing, receiving, storage and shipping. In addition to maintaining the quality of biospecimens, it is essential for a biobank to carefully associate the biospecimens with their associated meta-data. Biospecimens with inaccurate and unreliable data may yield insignificant outcomes, and therefore, not useful for research.

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