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Reasons for Choosing a SaaS LIMS for a Biobank

Author: Shonali Paul

Journal:, November 5, 2018

Abstract: With the growing acceptance of LIMS by laboratories, there also exists a continuous dilemma on how to zero-in on a LIMS that is efficient, flexible, and scalable to accommodate the changing needs of a laboratory with time. A traditional on-premise LIMS requires a dedicated IT infrastructure, a skilled team of software programmers, and has a high cost and long deployment period. On the other hand, a cloud-based Software as a service (SaaS) LIMS has evolved as a highly efficient and scalable alternative to the traditional LIMS. A SaaS LIMS is licensed at a monthly subscription with a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model; making it affordable, easily deployable and convenient for small and medium labs which do not have a high budgetary allocation for software or a dedicated IT team to install, run and manage it. The present article underlines the advantages of a SaaS LIMS that can help biobanks make a conscious decision while choosing a LIMS.

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