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Safeguarding Viability and Efficacy of COVID-19 Vaccines: Key Considerations

Author: Shonali Paul

Journal: Technology Networks, July 7, 2021

Abstract: While getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is not a guarantee that one will not get infected or re-infected by the virus, it is definitely among the most effective ways to forestall the pandemic. COVID-19 vaccines bolster the immunity of vaccinated individuals and when conducted en masse it helps to provide herd immunity. Consequently, vaccine development and deployment is a top priority for most governments at this point.

Unfortunately, manufacturers and suppliers of COVID-19 vaccines face numerous challenges in the distribution of these vaccines. The vaccines are very sensitive to fluctuations in internal conditions and could easily lose their viability and efficacy if their storage conditions are not ideal. If success is to be achieved with the global COVID-19 vaccination efforts, all staff involved should be trained on maintenance of the cold chain supply, freezer operations, and vaccine handling to protect the integrity of vaccines.

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