CloudLIMS Lite

Laboratory Data Management Software

The lite edition is meant for small laboratories graduating from a manual to an automated system essentially, for any laboratory wanting to automate their informatics systems in a secure and reliable environment. This edition is cost effective and helps them come up to speed, quickly, without the need to deploy a LIMS. It includes Users, Subjects, Samples, Storage and Reports & Advanced Search modules. It provides laboratories with a flexibility and ease of data management and laboratory operations.

The lite edition includes the following features:

360° Sample Traceability

Get a complete 360° view of your samples. A unique identification, storage location tracking, barcode-based tracking, audit trails, and sample genealogy help trace samples instantly. Enforce user role & group based security for controlled access to samples maintaining the chain-of-custody.

Advanced Search

The intuitive design allows even non-technical users to build complex queries using Boolean operators to find specific data stored in the software. Queried criteria can be saved as a template for frequent use and the search results obtained can be exported in a PDF format at any time.

Barcode Automation

Internal as well as external barcodes (1D and 2D) can be assigned to samples, aliquots, and derivatives. Users can configure what information needs to be barcoded and can integrate a barcode label printer to print multiple barcode labels for samples enabling a quick and easy identification.

Data Import & Export

Legacy data sets can be imported using MS Excel sheets and tab delimited files by mapping the column headers with the program attributes. The data can also be exported in popular formats including PDF and Excel to help manage legacy data.

Proud to be Published in BIO

The State of Cloud-Based Biospecimen and Biobank Data Management Tools

Easy Configuration

CloudLIMS is designed to deliver flexibility and modularity. The robust architecture allows users to create custom workflows, applications, and reports more easily. Laboratories can utilize the embedded easy-to-use configuration tools and customize them to meet their unique process automation needs.

Enterprise Grade Security

Designed to provide enterprise-grade security to clients, CloudLIMS include 256-bit encryption for data transmission between the client and the server. The data centres are AICPA developed SOC and HIPAA compliant providing 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Mirror servers are available in disparate geographical locations to enable disaster recovery.

Virtually Mapping Storage Locations

The completely configurable storage module enables users to virtually replicate the existing storage hierarchy of the lab including freezers, plates, tubes, trays, slots, racks, and boxes. Users can track the storage location of a sample up to a well in a box or a least storage unit.

Regulatory Compliance

CloudLIMS is compliant with HIPAA regulations, such that sensitive patient information can be masked. It also complies with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations and allows users to configure electronic signatures for user activities maintaining a complete audit trail with the date and time stamp.

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