Deploy CloudLIMS's COVID-19 LIMS Solution to Offer Accurate & Rapid Point-of-care Testing Services in Clinics & Physician Office Labs (POLs)

Barriers to COVID-19 Testing in Clinics & POLs

  • Cost Barrier: The cost of setting up an in-house COVID-19 testing lab may be prohibitive to some physician practices.
  • Technology Barrier: A physician’s office may lack the requisite technical knowledge to carry out COVID-19 testing.
  • Infrastructure Barrier: Physicians need to set up an onsite lab with all necessary resources to offer point-of-care testing (POCT) which could be challenging for them.
  • Personnel Barrier: A physician’s office may lack trained personnel to carry out onsite COVID-19 testing.
  • Reporting Challenges: Physicians need to adhere to FDA and CDC reporting guidelines.
  • Compliance Challenges: POLs need to adhere to regulatory guidelines and standards, including CLIA, ISO 15189:2012, and HIPAA.

Despite the challenges, COVID-19 testing in clinics and POLs comes with a myriad of benefits.

Benefits of COVID-19 Testing in Clinics & POLs

Physicians are now taking it upon themselves to test their patients for COVID-19 when they consider it necessary. Physicians may recommend testing for patients exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or those who have been in contact with infected persons. Point of care testing for COVID-19 in a physician’s office has the following benefits:

Reduced Turnaround Time (TAT)

Usually, samples are collected in clinics and physician offices and sent out to an offsite lab where they are received, accessioned, tested, and the results sent back to their source. This process can be protracted since it involves the transportation of samples and several intermediaries. POCT eliminates the need to transport samples and several intermediaries. This reduces the TAT, and physicians and patients can receive the test results much faster.

Early Initiation of Treatment

Any delay in diagnosis may exacerbate the COVID-19 disease and could prove fatal to the patient. When the TAT is reduced, action can be taken immediately to isolate COVID-19 positive patients and start their treatment. Early initiation of treatment reduces the severity of the infection and also improves patients' outcomes. A negative diagnosis can help rule out the infection and an alternative treatment plan can be initiated.

Reduced Treatment Cost

Early diagnosis makes treating patients clinically less challenging, particularly patients with comorbidities, bringing down the cost of treatment.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

If patients receive their test results during their visit to a physician's office, they tend to participate more in their self-care. Furthermore, patients can commence the medication regimen recommended by their physician right after leaving the physician's office.

Benefits of Deploying CloudLIMS in Clinics and POLs

CloudLIMS can help physicians extend their services to businesses, schools, universities, and the local community so that these organizations can implement a COVID-19 screening and monitoring program. CloudLIMS enables point of care testing and reporting of results to allow physicians to serve patients better. With CloudLIMS, physicians can automate their COVID-19 testing workflows for faster turnaround, increased efficiency, and higher productivity.

  • Offers a HIPAA-compliant patient portal for faster patient self-registration and secure delivery of results to patients
  • Features a secure physician portal that enables physicians or providers to register patients and samples collected from them and access test results as soon as they are released
  • Generates patient and sample barcodes and prints out labels for effortless tracking
  • Enables editing of data in batches
  • Manages laboratory workflows and tracks the progress of each step of the sample testing process
  • Manages staff training and helps you assign testing to competent staff, assuring the accuracy of test results
  • Tracks inventories and flags resources (reagents, consumables, kits) that are about to expire or deplete
  • Enables reporting of test results according to FEMA, CDC, state and local regulatory requirements
  • Supports auto-calculation of experimental results based on the results of control samples, test samples, and predefined kit-specific formulas to determine the final test results
  • Enables authentication of test results by including a unique scannable QR code on the test report
  • Manages essential documents such as SOPs and other confidential documents and controls its access
  • Supports selection of multiple approvers for validation of test results
  • Enables laboratory managers to monitor instrument calibration, export calibration history, and schedule preventive maintenance
  • Anonymizes patient demographics, test results, or other sensitive data to safeguard patient privacy and prevent tampering of laboratory data
  • Grants role-based permissions to authorized individuals to access samples and test results

Why CloudLIMS?

CloudLIMS is an all-in-one registration to the point of care testing to reporting solution that enables physicians to serve patients better. CloudLIMS is a scalable, cloud-based COVID-19 LIMS solution preconfigured with COVID-19 specific tests and workflows. The configuration reduces the time needed for onboarding and allows laboratories to go live in just a week. It enables COVID-19 laboratories to automate easily without investing heavily in IT infrastructure and personnel.

  • Facilitates rapid deployment (in less than a week)
  • Supports batch reporting of test results
  • Can be configured to support new COVID-19 tests and reporting requirements
  • Supports compliance with HIPAA, CLIA, 21 CFR Part 11, and GDPR
  • Facilitates accessibility at any time and from anywhere
  • Integrates with diagnostic instruments and software for data interoperability and integrity

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