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Environmental testing is crucial to protect public health and our surrounding environment. Environmental testing laboratories perform a wide array of inorganic and organic chemical, microbiological, physical, and radiochemical tests on diverse environmental samples, such as air, soil, and wastes (liquids, solids, or sludges). 

Laboratories face a myriad of operational and regulatory challenges. They are expected to screen new contaminants, meet strict detection limits, adapt to evolving regulatory changes, meet quality standards to assure testing accuracy, and report results in the fastest turnaround possible. Choosing the right LIMS is the key to overcoming these challenges.

CloudLIMS is a cloud-based SaaS LIMS purpose-built for environmental monitoring laboratories. It helps automate laboratory processes, configure workflows to screen new and existing contaminants, scale up operations to meet the increasing testing needs, and report test results to clients and federal and state regulatory agencies seamlessly.

CloudLIMS is easy to deploy and configure and enables laboratories to quickly transition from manual, paper-based processes that are inefficient and error-prone to an automated system for maximum efficiency. With CloudLIMS, environmental testing is swift, secure, and profitable. 

Schematic Representation of a Typical Environmental Testing Lab Workflow

CloudLIMS - An Out-of-the-Box, Flexible, Ready-to-Use Environmental LIMS System

CloudLIMS  is an out-of-the-box and ready-to-use automation solution for laboratories that conduct environmental testing. It offers several benefits such as end-to-end sample tracking, document management, instrument integration, and support for regulatory compliance. It also offers adaptable test definitions with adjustable action limits which can be specified for each test. With easy configuration tools, workflows and reporting templates can be customized to meet unique needs of each laboratory. Furthermore, since all data is stored in the cloud, CloudLIMS enables your staff to securely access data anytime whether your staff works from home or visits a client site.

CloudLIMS customers have realized benefits in the following ways:
  • Quick automation of lab processes to improve data quality, increase testing throughput and achieve fast turnaround
  • Full compliance with regulations and standards such as NELAC (TNI), ELAP, ISO 17025, RCRA, CERCLA, GLP/GALP, UCMR, CFR Title 40, CWA, NPDES, UIC, 21 CFR Part 11, UK Environment Agency, besides state and local regulations
  • Reduced errors in sample and data management and optimal utilization of laboratory resources (staff, instruments, and reagents)
  • Better management of sampling plans and tracking of data collected from different sampling locations at different time intervals
  • Improved quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) measures including automated, verified and validated calculations, control charts, and trend analysis to identify the variation of results over time
  • Enhanced client satisfaction with custom reporting templates that include reports in PDF and MS Excel with images and charts
  • More efficient and robust processes while offering consistently accurate, high-quality testing services at affordable pricing

Certificate of Analysis

Easily Achieve ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accreditation With CloudLIMS’ All-in-One Environmental LIMS Software

CloudLIMS helps manage QC samples such as blanks and spikes, automate calculations such as gravimetric calculations, Langelier Index, MPN, BOD, and others, and compare QC results with the actual test results to identify analytical anomalies. It supports test result validation and flags out-of-norm values in real-time to ensure that all results are accurate before they are sent out.

CloudLIMS supports instrument management through timely calibration, record management, and scheduled maintenance alerts. CloudLIMS tracks important details of all instruments used in environmental laboratories such as the date of manufacture, serial and model number, and the scheduled maintenance dates. It also sends out alerts ahead of the next maintenance and calibration so that all instruments are ready-to-use when needed.

CloudLIMS manages and maintains an up to date record of both internal and external documents including SOPs, testing manuals, drawings, and validated test methods. It tracks revision history of all documents and enables all authorized users to securely access the latest version of documents at all times.

CloudLIMS maintains an up to date record of all lab personnel, their qualifications, current and upcoming training schedules, and competency of staff for performing different tests offered by your laboratory. You can generate staff competency reports and send out notifications on upcoming training based on the unique training needs of each staff member. This enables you to prevent assignment of tasks to staff whose training is incomplete or is not current. 

Monitor the movement of environmental samples throughout their entire life cycle by maintaining an electronic Chain-of-Custody (CoC). Furthermore, you can generate CoC reports in PDF and MS Excel file formats.

CloudLIMS - A Secure, Truly Configurable Environmental LIMS with a Built-in Quality Management System

Automate Sample Management

Import hundreds to thousands of samples in a few clicks with automatic number assignment and track them using barcodes (1D or 2D) from the minute you receive them in your lab till they are disposed of. You can print labels, associate samples with client IDs to quickly respond to client inquiries, and flag samples approaching the expiration date so that you can prioritize their analysis.

Manage Tests

Manage tests and their results with ease. CloudLIMS maintains a test CoC and tracks turnaround and hold times. You can configure flagging sets to automatically flag out-of-specification results based on the regulatory detection limits and print labels with barcodes for multiple tests.

Generate Custom CoAs

Generate professional CoAs containing sample information, test details, and multi-analyte test results for clients, state and federal reporting. You can generate CoAs in a batch for multiple clients, and deliver them automatically over the client portal or by email, thereby reducing the turnaround time. You can include a QR code on CoAs for authentication, an ID to uniquely identify each CoA, and a time stamp.

Track Lab Inventory

Manage your laboratory inventory, such as reagents with the exact lot numbers along with details such as solution concentration and expiration date. You can generate barcodes and print labels for inventory items for quick tracking. You can set alerts to notify you when an inventory item is approaching the expiration date or when the quantity of a reagent available in stock is alarmingly low.

Instrument & Software Integration

Environmental labs receive tons of varied samples on a daily basis and they also generate volumes of data continually. Manual transfer of data from instruments such as balances, spectrophotometers, pH and oxygen meters, Ion Chromatography instruments, particle counters, FTIR, PCR machines, GC, HPLC, and ICP mass spectrophotometers, to a LIMS can be time consuming and error-prone. For effective management of growing data volumes and laboratory automation, instrument and software integration is indispensable. Instrument and software integration facilitates data transfer from analytical instruments and software to a LIMS respectively, thereby eliminating chances of transcription errors, data redundancy, and ensuring data integrity. Furthermore, it helps digitize laboratory workflows, saving time and resources and ensuring fast turnaround.

How CloudLIMS Supports Instrument and Software Integration

CloudLIMS supports instrument and software integration in environmental testing in the following ways:

  • Instrument Integration: Most analytical instruments generate files in the form of CSV/XLS as standard outputs. CloudLIMS reads CSV/XLS files and maps the headers with matching fields in CloudLIMS. This enables a seamless transfer of analytical data from different analytical instruments to CloudLIMS.
  • Software Integration: CloudLIMS supports integration with ERP, such as SAP, JD Edwards, Great Plains, Sage, statistical analysis software packages such as NWA Quality Analyst and SAS JMP, and others. The statistical software packages enable advanced downstream data analysis. Furthermore, CloudLIMS supports integration with third-party billing software such as QuickBooks, Peachtree. This enables laboratories to seamlessly manage critical business metrics and streamline their business operations.

Integration with QuickBooks: CloudLIMS supports integration with third-party billing software such as QuickBooks online application. The integrated solution enables laboratories to upload invoicing data, for example, the name and the address of the client, catalog number and price, quantity, and other required details, directly from CloudLIMS to QuickBooks. This enables laboratories to seamlessly manage critical business metrics and streamline their business operations.


Follow Regulatory Guidelines and Standards With Ease

Go Paperless & Automate Operations With the LIMS Purpose-built for Environmental Laboratories - CloudLIMS

Manage Workflows

CloudLIMS allows you to configure workflow templates to mirror typical sample flow for different sample types tested by your laboratory. It helps you monitor the sample processing status, determine the current processing stage of each sample, and track any deviations from the predefined SOPs. This allows staff to adhere to SOPs and provides insights to laboratory managers to take corrective actions for workflow improvement.

Client Portal

CloudLIMS offers a client portal that allows your clients to perform various tasks remotely and securely such as uploading samples in a batch, printing sample labels, placing test requests, and viewing the status of those requests as well as keeping track of invoices. Your clients can also download CoAs and invoices from the client portal.

Manage Kits

CloudLIMS allows you to manage environmental test kits and their expiration dates, design barcodes, and print labels for them. You can also set alerts to notify you when the number of kits are low or when the kits are about to reach the expiration dates so that you can make an order before you run out of stock.

Manage Services and Billing

CloudLIMS enables you to manage laboratory services, such as test requests, and create catalogs with defined pricing for each service offered by your laboratory. You can automate the processing of service requests once they are placed by your customers from the client portal. You can select one or multiple reasons while rejecting one or a batch of service requests.

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