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A Petrochemical LIMS with Zero Upfront Cost for Continuous Process Monitoring and Traceability in Refineries

Seamlessly Manage Testing Workflows in all Phases of Oil and Gas Production Using CloudLIMS, a SaaS, in the Cloud LIMS Software for the Oil and Gas Industry

Testing is crucial to ensure high quality products in each phase of oil and gas production, from testing the incoming crude oil samples, finished products, and throughout the distribution process. Accurate testing is essential to determine the composition, purity, and presence of contaminants at all phases of oil and gas production, including distillation, filtration and other processes.

Some of the challenges faced by oil and gas testing laboratories across the globe are:

  • Following regulatory guidelines, such as ISO/IEC 17025:2017, GxP, EPA, 21 CFR Part 11, and state regulations.
  • Tracking raw materials, in-process, and final product samples to ensure 100% traceability.
  • Managing analytical data generated for every material throughout its lifecycle.
  • Comparing the performance of multiple processing plants.
  • Managing QA/QC processes to substantiate the results of actual test samples, and recording QA/QC results.
  • Following standard test methods, such as ASTM, GPA, and generating comprehensive custom Certificates of Analysis (CoA).
  • Automating laboratory workflows to enhance operational efficiency, cut costs, and ensure data integrity.

A Schematic Representation of an Oil and Gas Testing Lab Workflow

CloudLIMS - A Rapid Deploy, Purpose-built Petrochemical LIMS for In-house and Third-party Oil and Gas Testing Laboratories

CloudLIMS is pre-configured to support custom workflows of in-house and third-party oil and gas testing laboratories. Oil and gas testing laboratories perform tests on several samples, such as crude oils, refined petroleum fuels, aromatics, jet fuel, petrochemicals, transformer oil, liquid petroleum gases (LPG), lubricants, natural gas and liquids derived from it. Some of the common tests performed are quality control tests, tests for trace metals, such as antimony, cadmium, manganese, tests for determining the presence of sulfur compounds, emission tests, contaminant tests, microbiological tests, and flashpoint tests. CloudLIMS serves as a unified data repository and enables laboratories to seamlessly manage samples, tests performed through various analysis methods, such as ASTM and GPA, and test results.

CloudLIMS customers have realized benefits in the following ways:

CloudLIMS can be accessed anytime, anywhere, is easy to deploy, and enables oil and gas testing laboratories to quickly automate workflows without the need to invest in IT infrastructure or personnel.

  • Meet regulatory guidelines and standards such as ISO/IEC 17025:2017, 21 CFR Part 11, EPA, GxP, and state regulations, such as California’s air quality control standards.
  • Manage Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) processes to generate valid, accurate, and reliable test results.
  • Ensure 100% traceability of raw materials, in-process, and final product samples, which is required for external audits.
  • Visualize and analyze test results using statistical process control (SPC) charts and trend analysis graphs to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement activities.
  • Maintain a read-only audit trail to track all laboratory activities along with a date and time stamp.

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

CloudLIMS facilitates quick and seamless configuration of reporting templates, enabling you to generate custom Certificates of Analysis (CoA) to meet the reporting requirements of your customers and regulatory bodies.

Easily Achieve ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accreditation and Avoid Regulatory Penalties

You can send out multiple test results for validation and approval before releasing the reports to your customers.


Manage Quality Control (QC) samples and their test results. You can compare the results of the QC samples with the test samples to identify analytical errors. You can view trends and observe patterns or deviations in results over time across a set of QC samples, enabling you to take corrective actions and make informed decisions.


Store, manage and track all relevant documents, such as Safety Data Sheets (SDS), hazard related documents, SOPs, and ensure document control. CloudLIMS helps ensure that laboratory personnel refer to the latest version of documents at all times. Furthermore, CloudLIMS helps assign document access privileges to personnel based on their roles, preventing unauthorized use of documents.


Manage training, educational qualifications, experience, and competency records of laboratory staff and regularly monitor their performance. This helps laboratory managers to assign analytical tasks only to the trained and competent staff, assuring the quality of analytical results.


Manage training, educational qualifications, experience, and competency records of laboratory staff and regularly monitor their performance. This helps laboratory managers to assign analytical tasks only to the trained and competent staff, assuring the quality of analytical results.

Advantages of CloudLIMS - A LIMS Software for the Oil & Gas Industry

Manage Samples and Sample Batches

Manage individual samples and sample batches, sample composition, sample types, sample points or collection sites, and maintain sample Chain of Custody (CoC). You can track samples or batches from start to finish using barcodes, enabling you to trace individual samples or batches that do not conform to the standards or required specifications. Furthermore, you can route samples to multiple laboratories depending on the tests that need to be performed.

Manage Tests and Test Results

Manage various tests, testing schedules, and automate the complex calculation of test results. You can easily configure flags for absolute purity, viscosity, flash point, and other physical and chemical parameters to identify out-of-specification results, assuring quality at every step of the production process. You can import multi-analyte test results from a file and generate professional custom Certificates of Analysis (CoA) for result reporting.

Manage Laboratory Services and Billing

Manage laboratory services, such as test requests, and create catalogs with defined pricing for each service or package offered by your laboratory. You can automate the processing of test requests once they are placed by your customers from the Client Portal, thereby minimizing turnaround time and enhancing operational efficiency. Furthermore, you can also generate invoices or import invoices generated using any third-party billing software in CloudLIMS.

Client Portal

A secure, self-serve client portal to help your customers track progress, current status, and completion of tests in real-time. Furthermore, it enables you to deliver CoAs and invoices to an unlimited number of customers, reducing turnaround time, and enhancing customer experience. Your customers can themselves associate sample sources with the samples from the client portal, thereby reducing the chances of laboratory errors.

CloudLIMS Integrations

Oil and gas testing laboratories across the globe are grappling with a data deluge due to a large number of incoming samples and tests performed on a daily basis. Manual transfer of analytical data from analytical instruments to a LIMS is error-prone and reduces laboratory efficiency and productivity. For minimizing the test turnaround time, it is important to automatically capture analytical data. CloudLIMS can be seamlessly integrated with analytical instruments for bi-directional data transfer, thereby reducing turnaround time and maintaining data integrity. Furthermore, it can be integrated with third-party software products for downstream data analysis, such as statistical analysis, and ERP.


How Does CloudLIMS Support Instrument & Software Integrations for Oil and Gas Testing Laboratories?

CloudLIMS supports integration with analytical instruments and software through the following methods:

  • Instrument Integration: CloudLIMS is preconfigured to seamlessly integrate with physical and chemical analyzers for bi-directional data transfer. Some of the instruments that can be integrated with CloudLIMS are GC-MS, ion chromatography instrument, chemiluminescence instrument, Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometers (ICP-AES), flash point testers, distillation equipment, vapor pressure analyzers, trace metals analyzers, octane number analyzers, oxidation stability analyzers, elemental analyzers, density meters, and viscometers. CSV/XLS is a standard output file type generated by most analytical instruments. The CSV file mapping enables data to be imported from multiple instruments into a LIMS. CloudLIMS periodically reads instrument generated CSV files and maps the headers present in the files with the correct fields in CloudLIMS, thereby transferring the analytical data to CloudLIMS seamlessly.
  • Software Integration: CloudLIMS offers REST API to integrate with third-party software such as ERP, Process Information Management System (PIMS), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and third-party billing software, such as QuickBooks. This enables laboratories to effectively manage revenue cycles and minimize billing errors, enhancing customer experience.

Integration with QuickBooks: CloudLIMS supports integration with third-party accounting software such as QuickBooks Intuit. Streamline your accounting processes and boost productivity with seamless integration between our LIMS system and QuickBooks Intuit. Our integration simplifies data transfer, eliminating manual entry and ensuring accurate and efficient financial management. Sync invoices, payments, and customer data effortlessly and focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional laboratory services.


Follow Oil & Gas Regulatory Guidelines and Standards

CloudLIMS' Oil & Gas LIMS for Petrochemical Industry & Refineries

Study Management

Manage laboratory inventory, such as reagents, standards, oil or fuel testing kits. You can track the use of inventory items and set up alerts for the replenishment of inventory when the stock falls below a certain level or quantity. You can import inventory records from a file and edit multiple inventory records simultaneously.

Manage Studies

Manage various studies, such as Phase Behavior (PVT) studies, hydrocarbon studies, fluid studies, such as asphaltene solubility studies. You can associate each study with samples, sample sources, and generate custom study reports. You can batch import study records from a file, saving time and eliminating chances of manual errors.

Manage Shipment of Samples

Assign a unique ID to each shipment, track incoming shipments, and associate samples with each shipment. You can track the shipment of samples to multiple third-party laboratories when they are shipped for multiple tests.

Manage Customers

CloudLIMS allows you to seamlessly manage an unlimited number of customers along with their name, contact information, and mailing address. You can set login credentials for each customer. You can also import customer records from a file for batch entry of records.

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