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Streamline and Automate Laboratory Workflows Using CloudLIMS - A SaaS, in the Cloud Veterinary LIMS for Veterinary Pathology-Based Laboratories

With the emergence of new types of diseases in animals and their potential transfer to humans through product consumption and companionship, the global animal healthcare market is experiencing a surge in demand. In this context, the role of veterinary laboratories becomes pivotal in ensuring the health and safety of both animals and humans. Veterinary laboratories need to be prepared to face the challenges posed by these zoonotic diseases and the increasing demand for their testing services. They need to ensure the secure management of biospecimens, efficient management of tests and results, optimized resource management, and compliance with best practices and regulatory guidelines such as those outlined by the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).

LIMS for Veterinary Labs

A Schematic Representation of a Typical Clinical Testing Laboratory Workflow

CloudLIMS - A One-Stop Veterinary Laboratories Software

The veterinary industry is constantly evolving, leading to advancements in diagnostics for pets, as well as agricultural, poultry, equine, and other animals. CloudLIMS is a purpose-built, scalable, SaaS, in-the-cloud veterinary LIMS. It grows with your veterinary laboratory by supporting your data management, automation, and regulatory requirements. With a cloud solution, the veterinary LIMS can be accessed anytime, anywhere, is easy to deploy, and enables veterinary laboratories to quickly automate without the need to invest in IT infrastructure or personnel.

CloudLIMS customers have realized benefits in the following ways:
  • A flexible data model to seamlessly configure and accommodate specific workflow requirements, eliminating the need for costly customization. CloudLIMS can be tailored to align with the specific terminology and nomenclature of your laboratory. You have the freedom to define various elements, including test and sample types, attributes, user profiles, client types, provenances, sections, prices, catalogs, and more. 
  • Customizable forms to manage specimens and diagnostic tests and their results.
  • A self-serve client portal to deliver test reports and invoices to your customers in real-time.
  • Assign role-based access to laboratory staff and maintain a read-only audit trail to track all laboratory activities performed by each staff member along with a date and time stamp.
  • Flexibility to add new tests effortlessly and produce reports in your preferred layout.
  • Dependency configurations can be set for breeds based on species. When you select a specific species, the corresponding list of breeds gets automatically populated.
  • A laboratory is a business at the end of the day. CloudLIMS integrates business management and laboratory management, offering you a comprehensive, one-stop solution to efficiently manage your operations from day one.
  • Automated invoicing and rapid barcode scanning expedite tracking work in the system, enabling easy record management and allowing a larger volume of business to be undertaken.
  • Accelerated result capture and elimination of transcription errors with analyzer interfacing, assuring data integrity and reducing the turnaround time.

Veterinary Diagnostic Test Report

Achieve ISO 15189 Accreditation Using Our User-Friendly, Secure Veterinary LIMS

CloudLIMS simplifies the management of QC samples such as blanks and spikes, automates calculations, and facilitates the comparison of QC results with actual test results to identify any abnormal analytical trends that may compromise test results. It assists in the internal validation of test results and promptly flags values that deviate from the expected range, guaranteeing the precision of all reported results provided to clients.

Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA/QC) Management

Manage laboratory personnel along with their skills, educational qualifications, and experience. 

CloudLIMS produces reports on staff proficiency and sends notifications regarding upcoming training sessions to employees. This functionality enables you to avoid assigning tasks to staff members who have not finished their training or whose training is no longer current.

Manage Lab Personnel
Manage Lab Personnel

Manage records of all equipment used in testing, schedule equipment calibration, and perform preventive maintenance as defined by the equipment manufacturer, and maintain records of equipment calibration, maintenance, and functional checks performed before use.

Manage Equipment and Ensure their Proper Functioning

Seamlessly manage documents, such as procedure manuals and instrument maintenance manuals, and ensure document control. You can send documents for periodic review and approval to authorized personnel and ensure that only the latest version of documents is accessible to all personnel.

Manage Documents

Ensure transparency and accountability throughout the entire process by creating a digital chain-of-custody that tracks the journey of samples through their lifecycle.

Chain-of-Custody Management

Advantages of CloudLIMS - A Complete Veterinary Lab Management Software

Manage Specimens

Store annotated specimen data, track specimens using barcodes, print labels, maintain specimen Chain of Custody (CoC), and manage all aspects of specimen genealogy, including aliquots and derivatives. You can import multiple aliquots or derivatives from a file, and access a complete history of each specimen from accessioning to the final disposal.

Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA/QC) Management
Manage Tests

Manage diagnostic tests, such as Complete Blood Count (CBC), urinalysis, fecal examination, and serology tests, along with their results, maintain test CoC, validate test results, analyze trends based on test results, and generate professional custom test reports.

Manage Tests
Manage Animals

Seamlessly manage animal data, including species, breed, age, and life stage information.

Veterinary LIMS
Apply Breed & Species-specific Rule-based Limits

Veterinary laboratories work with diverse animal breeds, each requiring specific test limits to be applied. In CloudLIMS, you have the flexibility to adjust the applicable reference limits during testing based on factors such as the species and breed of the animal. This helps in flagging test results that are outside the reference limits. You can also modify the limit according to the animal's age or life stage, ensuring tailored testing for optimal veterinary care.

Perform Culture and Sensitivity Testing with Ease

CloudLIMS supports culture and sensitivity testing to determine the most suitable antimicrobial for combating a specific infection, thereby assisting veterinarians in determining the most effective treatment against identified pathogens. You can also configure formula expressions, no matter how complex they are, to derive final results from raw data, eliminating reliance on manual, error-prone calculations.

Manage & Test Pooled Samples

With sample pooling in-built into the LIMS, screening of the combined samples can be done in a single test. This eliminates the need for individual testing of each sample, resulting in cost and time savings, while enabling rapid testing of herds or flocks of animals.

Instrument and Software Integration

Veterinary testing laboratories receive hundreds of samples and generate massive volumes of analytical data on a day-to-day basis. Manual transfer of data from analytical instruments such as RT-PCR, digital PCR, ELISA, LCMS, GCMS, hematology & chemistry analyzers, and others to a LIMS is error-prone and time-consuming. For effective management of growing data volumes and laboratory automation, instrument and software integration is indispensable. Instrument and software integration facilitates data transfer from analytical instruments and software to a LIMS respectively, thereby eliminating chances of transcription errors and data redundancy, and ensuring data integrity. Furthermore, it helps in automating laboratory workflows, thereby saving time and resources, reducing turnaround times, and enhancing efficiency.

Veterinary LIMS

How CloudLIMS Supports Instrument and Software Integration?

CloudLIMS supports instrument and software integration in the following ways:

  • Instrument Integration: CSV/XLS is a standard output file type generated by most analytical instruments. The CSV file mapping enables data to be imported from multiple instruments into a LIMS. CloudLIMS periodically reads instrument-generated CSV files and maps the headers present in the files with the correct fields in CloudLIMS, thereby transferring the analytical data to CloudLIMS seamlessly.
  • Software Integration: CloudLIMS’ Rest API can be configured to support integration with third-party software such as ERP, data analytics software. CloudLIMS results can be pre-configured and uploaded to the electronic reporting system of regulatory agencies, thereby automating reporting of test results. Furthermore, it can be integrated with billing software to effectively manage revenue cycles and minimize billing errors, enhancing customer experience. thereby transferring the analytical data to CloudLIMS seamlessly.

Integration with QuickBooks: CloudLIMS supports integration with third-party billing software such as QuickBooks online application. The integrated solution enables laboratories to upload invoicing data, for example, the name and the address of the client, catalog number and price, quantity, and other required details, directly from CloudLIMS to QuickBooks. This enables laboratories to seamlessly manage critical business metrics and streamline their business operations.

CloudLIMS' Vet LIMS Software Functionality

Inventory Management

Manage laboratory inventory such as reagents and other consumables, import inventory records from a file or simply scan barcodes to add new items to your inventory. Furthermore, you can associate each inventory item with samples, animal ID, tests, and edit multiple inventory records simultaneously.

Services and Billing Management

Manage test requests, and create catalogs with defined pricing for each service or package offered by your laboratory. Generate invoices in electronic format according to the specifications of your clients. You can also generate invoices or upload invoices generated using any third-party billing software should you choose not to use the invoicing function in CloudLIMS.

Custom Reports

Customize test reports according to your preferences. Configure headers and formats ensuring that your laboratory's clinical reports represent your organizational branding, including fonts, colors, logos, and digital signatures. Incorporate images, graphs, comments, and more. Generate reports automatically in blocks or groups, and utilize multiple selection criteria. Enhance reports with QR codes and digital signatures.

Storage Mangement

Maintain comprehensive oversight of samples stored in your laboratory by customizing the size and arrangement of storage units for different sites or centers. The system provides a visual and user-friendly display of the status of each storage unit. Effortlessly locate the position of a stored sample container and assign samples to storage units with ease. Additionally, you can add comments and notes to the stored samples for convenient record-keeping.

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