LIMS White Paper

Service Advantages of a Cloud-based LIMS

Introduction: Modern day laboratories often find it challenging to zero-in on a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that can enhance their laboratory efficiency, maximize investment returns, and meet their laboratory data management needs of today and tomorrow. Today, LIMS is in the fourth generation of evolution, and laboratories who are using an on-premise LIMS need to upgrade or choose a LIMS that can offer them higher scalability and flexibility at minimal expense. It is worthwhile to choose a cloud-based LIMS that offers a number of service advantages over traditional on-premise LIMS for managing the ever-growing laboratory data. A cloud-based LIMS leverages the power of cloud computing to facilitate users with secure access to LIMS software anytime, anywhere using an Internet-ready device. This white paper underlines the generic service advantages of a cloud-based LIMS for biobanks, clinical research, diagnostic, and food & beverage testing laboratories, etc. so that they can realize the benefits of the most economical LIMS solution.

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