Manage Testing and Laboratory Workflows with LIMS


Modern testing laboratories need to perform multi-analyte testing and manage the entire life cycle of a test sample, right from sample registration to report generation and even to permanent disposal of samples. Additionally, such laboratories are highly regulated and generate massive amounts of testing data on a daily basis. Managing large data, automating laboratory workflows, and following regulatory guidelines such as ISO 17025, GLP, NELAC, CLIA, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, are the major challenges of testing laboratories.

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) has the ability to manage and track testing laboratory processes and workflows for enhanced efficiency, automate reporting of test results, reduce sample turnaround time, and streamline laboratory operations. A LIMS can be integrated with analyzers through an Application Programming Interface (API) to facilitate data exchange, both uni-directional and bi-directional, eliminating chances of errors in the lab.

CloudLIMS hosted a live complimentary webinar on “Manage Testing and Laboratory Workflows with LIMS”. The webinar was presented by Mr. Rakhil Akkali, Product Analyst at The webinar provided insights on how a LIMS plays a pivotal role in automatic sample accessioning, sample tracking using barcodes, managing multi-analyte tests and test Chain of Custody (CoC), automated report generation, besides helping testing laboratories follow regulatory guidelines seamlessly. The webinar also highlighted how a cloud-based LIMS is a technologically-advanced alternative to a traditional on-premise LIMS and can help testing laboratories prevent data loss, enhance efficiency, reduce total cost of ownership, and maximize investment returns.

Please visit the webinar section to watch the video or to download the presentation slides.

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