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We hosted a complimentary webinar titled “Role of LIMS in Overcoming Biorepository Operational Data Management Challenges". The webinar was presented by Dr. Steven Haynes, Manager of the Sheffield Biorepository, which is part of the University of Sheffield’s Medical School. The webinar focused on the significance of biobanks in research, regulatory requirements of biobanks, factors to consider when sourcing biospecimens from biobanks and how a biobanking LIMS facilitates in overcoming the challenges involved in managing massive volumes of samples and the associated data, such as demographics, clinical history, and informed consent.

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CloudLIMS is excited to announce its participation at the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference West, held at the Oregon Convention Center, Portland, USA, from September 4-6, 2019. We are delivering a talk titled “Achieve Quality Assurance in Cannabis Testing Laboratories using a LIMS” at the event. The talk will emphasize the significance of Quality Assurance (QA) in cannabis testing, the challenges faced by cannabis testing labs in achieving QA, and the role of a Cannabis LIMS in assuring quality. We are also presenting a poster titled “Achieving ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accreditation in a Cannabis Testing Lab using LIMS” at the event. The poster highlights the role of a LIMS in meeting the various requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 compliance.

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Version Releases

CloudLIMS version 1.86 is out! The new version of CloudLIMS, version 1.86, is packed with new features for better addressing the document validation, inventory management, and kits management. New features help in granting group-wise permission on subject data, and a quick search for test validation status. CloudLIMS accelerates biobanking, clinical, research, and testing laboratory operations by efficiently managing laboratory data, automating laboratory workflows, and following regulatory compliance, such as ISO 20387:2018, ISO/IEC 17025:2017, HIPAA among others.

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LIMS Tutorial

Our tutorials provide detailed instructions to prospective and existing users who need a refresher on how to use our products. Check out our recent tutorial on Learn Learn How to Generate Analyte Flagging Graph using CloudLIMS."

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Feature Enhancements

  • Documents can now be sent for review before they get published to check the use of the erroneous or obsolete documents meeting the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 requirements.

  • Batch edit is now available in the inventory module for easy update of the inventory records, thereby saving time.

  • Group-wise permissions can be given to allow only authorized personnel to access subject records, thus safeguarding sensitive patient data.

  • Kits can now be automatically marked as consumed upon association with the sample, or subject eliminating risks of manual errors.

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