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With the growing interest of laboratories in deploying a LIMS, there also exists a continuous dilemma on whether to build a LIMS internally or to buy the ones available commercially. Several factors need to be taken into consideration while comparing and considering a LIMS deployment method in a laboratory. The main factors to consider are outlined in our blog, Build vs. Buy LIMS.

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Clinical trials and research play a pivotal role in highlighting the most suitable therapeutic strategies for the prevention and cure of a vast array of previously untreatable diseases. Clinical trials and research involve the collection of samples and associated patient data to test the safety and effectiveness of a new drug. With the growing concern of patient data security, learn how a de-Identification and anonymization of patient data in clinical research helps. Read our blog on: Importance of De-Identification and Anonymization of Patient Data in Clinical Research.

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Our tutorials provide detailed instructions to prospective and existing users who need a refresher on how to use our products. Check out our recent tutorial on Learn How to Import Multi-Analyte Test Results From a File using CloudLIMS.

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Version Releases

CloudLIMS version 1.79 is out! CloudLIMS facilitates testing clinical, cannabis, agriculture and food & beverage laboratories by giving more control to their customers. CloudLIMS can now email approved test reports to customers, enable customers to add samples from the self serve client portal and batch edit data.

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Feature Enhancements

  • REST API is now available for the Test module, making it possible to pass on the test results to instruments or for downstream analysis.

  • Facility to email the test reports to the laboratory's customer with multiple contacts as an attachment to facilitate sharing of results with all the concerned individuals.

  • Samples can now be added using barcodes or scanner from the Client portal. Batch editing of samples from the portal is also now available.

  • Multi-factor authentication user login via OTP to offer more security to user accounts.

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