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We are hosting a complimentary live webinar titled “Data Privacy and Other Clinical Data Management Challenges” on February 5, 2019, at 9 AM PST. The webinar will be presented by Marianne Henderson, Senior Advisor for Division Resources, National Cancer Institute. Through this webinar, you will gain valuable insights into the significance of managing high-quality clinical data to minimize clinical errors and ensure regulatory compliance. The webinar will further highlight the importance of data privacy, review clinical data management challenges, and emphasize tools and tactics to mitigate such challenges.

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Version Releases

CloudLIMS version 1.8 is out! CloudLIMS now includes an Instrument Module, particularly useful for testing laboratories such as food & beverage, cannabis, and environmental, facilitating them to meet ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation. Additionally, it helps laboratories maintain a record of all instruments, their calibration and maintenance dates for audits. It ensures the use of properly calibrated instruments for conducting a test and generating quality test results.

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Blog Post

The workflow in a clinical laboratory is typically complex and time-consuming. Therefore, it requires precise management of the complete workflow. The workflow includes the process of specimen collection, storage, labeling, payment, invoicing and reporting of the clinical results. To improve the clinical laboratory workflows and increase efficiency, learn which best practices can be implemented. Read our blog on "5 Methods to Bring About Improvement in Clinical Laboratory Workflows”.

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Feature Enhancements

  • Large numeric values can now be represented in exponential format

  • User-defined flags to highlight abnormal values for both qualitative and quantitative tests can now be added

  • Multiple files can be attached with test results to save any external test results, images or detailed comments

  • REST API is now extended to include the Study and Instrument Modules, making it possible to directly read and write data from them.

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