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The globalization of food supply chains has created food safety issues that did not exist a few decades ago. Several steps leading from farm to table include harvest, processing, packaging, shipping, and storage. Due to the increased complexity and sophistication of global food markets, food growers and processors should ensure traceability and timely responses to potential safety issues and overall accountability. To understand how Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) provide producers and distributors with end-to-end documentation of all relevant processing, handling, and testing activities, read our blog on "Tune-up Food Traceability".

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Version Release

CloudLIMS version 1.91 is out! The new version of CloudLIMS, version 1.91, is packed with new features for better addressing the needs of analytical testing labs, enabling them to generate Certificate of Analysis (COA) including bar charts for reporting test results, reporting relative quantitation of analytes, and insertion of accreditation stamps to better serve the needs of laboratory’s clients, improving their experience.

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Our tutorials provide detailed instructions to prospective and existing users who need a refresher on how to use our products. Check out our recent tutorial on “Learn How to Manage Kits” using CloudLIMS.

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Feature Enhancements

  • Represents quantitative results of analytes using bar charts, providing a visual overview of test results.

  • Includes the ratio of test results of two analytes to quickly determine relative quantitation, useful for quality checks.

  • Adds an accreditation stamp in the test report to mark approval.

  • Calculates the total numeric value of attributes across all analytes, to quickly determine the result of all the analytes present in a sample.

  • Reports the results of all the tests associated with a sample in an order of your choice.

  • Now associate expected samples with a test even before they are received by your laboratory in order to enter the available test results.

  • Assign tests to multiple samples directly from the Samples module, saving time and effort.

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