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Looking for a biobanking LIMS that can integrate, centralize, and safeguard specimen data? Read our white paper on "Effectively Storing and Sharing Biological Data for Clinical Research". Evaluate the benefits you can reap from cloud technology-assisted laboratory informatics!

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LIMS Tutorials

Our tutorials provide detailed instructions to prospective users and existing users who need a refresher on how to use our products. Check out our recent tutorial on Generate a Custom Test Report using CloudLIMS.

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Version Releases

CloudLIMS version 1.70 is out! CloudLIMS accelerates biobanking, clinical research, testing and diagnostic operations by efficiently managing laboratory data on a centralized cloud platform and enables faster turnaround times. Click below to learn more or sign up for a free trial.

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Blog Posts

Biobanking plays a critical role in facilitating clinical research. It provides better opportunities for advancing community health by the collection and preservation of biospecimens such as blood, plasma, tissues, and DNA. How availability of well-annotated and high quality biospecimens can facilitate clinical research and in-turn drug discovery? Read our blog article on "Importance of Well-annotated Biospecimen for Clinical Research". Subscribe to follow regular updates on product releases, events, conferences, posters, articles, white papers, webinars, and much more!

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CloudLIMS is pleased to announce its participation at the Terpenes and Testing World Conference 2018, from April 10-11, 2018. We are presenting a talk on "Role of LIMS in implementing regulatory compliance in cannabis testing" by Stephen Goldman, Scientific Advisory Board, CloudLIMS.

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Feature Enhancements

  • Sample pooling to create derivatives from the multiple samples collected from same sample source at different times
  • Square root function in the formula expression to facilitate test results calculations
  • Restore disposed sample from the archive in case a sample is deleted accidentally
  • Customize your test reports by including the images
  • Set default values for the test results attributes under the test module
  • Improved graphical user interface

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